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Food & Wine Magazine : Food Bloggers’ Best Kitchen Design Ideas

Guess which notable food blogger made it into Food & Wine Magazine’s January issue and website? I’m happy to say that would be me, representing the veg edge à la “Suburban Chic.” I’m sure that title was meant in the kindest way possible.

I don’t have my issue of F&W yet, but do check out my kitch on the magazine’s site.

With the baby coming soon I have not had time to properly index my remodel posts, but if you want to see my entire finished kitchen, do look for the link on my sidebar.



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A Rare Shot

For the GW Kitchen Forum members--pie!

Some of my friends at the Garden Web Kitchen Forum were a bit offended that I unveiled my finished kitchen to them without so much as even inviting them over for a slice of pie! After all my effort to get a put-away kitchen to make my space photo ready, there was some teasing on the forum for “action” shots. Since I am usually the one clicking the pics, this didn’t seem likely. Then some pictures from last Saturday night surfaced on Facebook with me throwing together some pizzas. You know, pizza pies! Perfect. Two birds, one stone.

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Love At Second Sight

This is the email I received yesterday from Ted, my marble fabricator. The pic made me sad. Was I stuck with this slab? Or more correctly, all three slabs? Stone is cut in sets--kind of like slicing a loaf of bread. That meant that all 3 slabs would look the same. From the looks of this pic, it wasn't pretty.

Thankfully, the husband and I had the good sense to drive to the stone yard in Ocala and check out the slab in person. It was sitting out front, waiting for us. As soon as we pulled into the parking lot, I knew everything was going to be alright.

Me and My Marble

Love at second sight...

The stone is practically flawless in finish. It looked magnificent, however, the high sheen of the polished marble is a bit too granitey for me. I think I will have the perimeter counters sanded to a satin finish and the island will be honed. It is amazing how much subtler the veining gets when honed–I have very mixed emotions about that, however, the honing will mask etching in this high use application.

I have more pics of granites and what’s happening in our house these days but right now my internet connection is acting funny (ha ha) so I will post tomorrow. *Yawn.* Nighty night night.


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I decided, after seeing a post on the Garden Web Forum, to do my own etch test on the leftover carrara subway tiles I had from the PA house remodel, open to disabusing myself of any Pollyanna notions of marble's perfection. They are polished marble. I had already done a pretty serious stain test that involved leaving a turmeric poultice overnite on the unsealed marble. There was light staining that eventually came off with multiple soapy scrubbings. But tonite I decided to soak a paper towel in vinegar and apply it to half of two tiles.

The tile on the left shows the results after 2 hours. The tile is definitely etched and there is a "water spot" pattern left from the texture of the paper towel.

The tile on the right received the same treatment, however, I scrubbed the etched surface with a Scotch Brite sponge to even out the texture.

Earlier this week I read that you can give your polished counters a honed appearance at home by applying an acid treatment and then sanding with a 200 grit piece of sandpaper. This is what gave me the idea to scrub out the surface to even it out.

I'm really glad I did the test because I can go forward with the countertop purchase without any reservation. We will save money and not get the island honed. Instead, we will enjoy our marble as a natural patina develops over the year, sanding out any major boo-boos. I showed the husband tonite and he also is undisturbed by the etching. In fact, he has no problem with the spottier look.

To see Bluebonnet’s post about her etch test on Imperial Danby marble, visit her blog here!


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