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Big Sale on Icebox Cabinet Latches!

Christopher Peacock, move over! Horton Brasses is having a huge-O liquidation sale on their current stock of period-style cabinet latches. *While supplies last*!

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Will Somebody Please Put This Stuff In Your Kitchen?

The inconvenient thing about remodeling your dream kitchen on a budget (hey, I didn’t say what the budget was….just that we have one) is that you only end up with one kitchen. Therefore, you really *can’t* fill the space with all of your favorite objects, despite what the design sites say.

I have 9 hardware styles going onto my kitchen cabinets, but still, there are a bunch of knobs out there that I wish my kitchen could accommodate. But it can’t. Believe me. I’ve thought about it.

So will someone out there use these in theirs? They are oh so lovely. Prepare to be enchanted. And yes, coincidentally, they are all from Anthropologie.


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