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Big Sale on Icebox Cabinet Latches!

Christopher Peacock, move over! Horton Brasses is having a huge-O liquidation sale on their current stock of period-style cabinet latches. *While supplies last*!

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My Boss’s Take: Quality, Value, and Price

Some interesting new posts up over at the  Horton Brasses Blog.

Bossman Orion


Interested in the intersection of the economy, personal values and personal consumption?

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Ever thought  about becoming a blacksmith. This is a great post for the blacksmith-curious as well as homeschooling families.

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Horton Brasses Oval Ring Pull Giveaway Winner

And the winner is….

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Cabinet Hardware Giveaway : Oval Ring Pulls from Horton Brasses


Have a piece of furniture or two that needs some gussying up?

Like to taste free samples when out at the shops?

Feeling lucky?

Well, step right up! New post over at the Horton Brasses blog and this one gives you a chance to win some cabinet jewelry!

So easy. Just leave a comment.

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Budget Kitchen Remodel : Ikea Birch Kitchen

My first Ikea Kitchen post in the Budget Remodel series is up over at Horton Brasses Blog. Check out the great ideas and bold color schemes after the jump.

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Copper Kitchen Hardware

When I did my Horton Brasses blog post on strap hinges, I mentioned my mother-in-law’s kitchen as that post’s muse. One commenter asked for pics. Here they are. Enjoy the old world charm of copper details in the kitchen! I think my mother-in-law’s style mixes mid-mod and traditional floweriness quite well.


These cabinets and copper strap hinges were in place when my in-law's bought their colonial house in Washington, DC in the early 60's.


They built an addition, expanding the back side of the house. What is now the pantry area (not pictured) was the original, tiny galley kitchen. My in-laws were able to get the same oak slab front cabs and copper strap hinges installed in the addition, allowing them to re-use the cabinetry and hardware from the pantry. And thus, save money!

The copper functional strap hinges and knobs have been well cared for over the years; my mother-in-law is a meticulous woman. However, they still show a lovely patina that comes with age.



In other mother-in-law news, she sent me these pictures from the school she works at. Hooks! Old hooks to be exact. Apparently, they remind her of me. Awwww!

These hooks are so what Anthropologie is going after.

The beauty of these hooks speaks to the fact that you don't need to replace everything old with something new styled on the look of something old. Keep the real stuff, save the earth from more junk in your rubbish bin and find the beauty in the worn patina. Better start now before someone thinks YOU deserve a toss in the rubbish!


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Cabinet Jewelry Bling Bling!


Scottish architect Charles Rennie Macintosh…

…inspired these pulls!


Another post up at the Horton Brasses Blog. This one is in the “budget remodel” series, giving you ideas how to vamp up your tired kitchen with a quick and shiny fix: new cabinet hardware! To visit the link, click here.

Make sure you share the love and pass this link on to any of  your friends with ugly kitchens. Sometimes a little hint goes a long way…

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