Hire Sabjimata






Without a doubt, my informative posts will generate not only content but also traffic for your blog. My blogging expertise includes kitchen decor and design, vegetarian cooking, natural parenting and general homemaking. I can blog in my own voice or as a ghost writer.

Not only do I write for business blogs, but I cross promote on my own blog, which has many subscribers and is fed to different aggregate sites. Additionally, I promote my blogging through social networking so your business will benefit! My posts are relevant, creative, full of outside links, key search phrases and beautiful photography.



I specialize in vegan and vegetarian international cuisine, with an emphasis on clean, fresh, healthy ingredients.

Personal chef work, catering or the occasional cheesecake–I’m available to work with you to create an unforgettable menu for that special day or simply to get you eating healthy, home cooked meals on a daily basis.

Pricing varies depending on your needs.


2 responses to “Hire Sabjimata

  1. Stella H.

    That photo montage is heavenly!! sigh….

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