Food & Wine Magazine : Food Bloggers’ Best Kitchen Design Ideas

Guess which notable food blogger made it into Food & Wine Magazine’s January issue and website? I’m happy to say that would be me, representing the veg edge à la “Suburban Chic.” I’m sure that title was meant in the kindest way possible.

I don’t have my issue of F&W yet, but do check out my kitch on the magazine’s site.

With the baby coming soon I have not had time to properly index my remodel posts, but if you want to see my entire finished kitchen, do look for the link on my sidebar.



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6 responses to “Food & Wine Magazine : Food Bloggers’ Best Kitchen Design Ideas

  1. Kera

    That’s exciting! Congrats!
    I’ll actually stop at the magazine stand in the grocery store to flip through the latest edition of Food & Wine just to see your kitchen in it.

  2. Tulasi devi

    Devadeva, this is fantastic! Now you’re famous in the general gourmet world as well as the vegan stratosphere. I’m so proud of you 😉

    • sabjimata

      Awww thanks lady! The timing couldn’t have been worse. Well, of course it could have. But I have been wanting to get my blog better organized but am really busy with trying to get life organized for new baby. Got your email and so happy to read the good feelings. Will write soon XOXO

  3. Your kitchen is beautiful! I love the green/tealish tile color.

  4. Congratulations!! Very cool.

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