Recipe : Vegan French Toast

Délicieux petit-déjeuner...

Better than pancakes, easier than waffles, French toast made from fresh bread proved just the perfect breakfast on this freezing Florida morning. I even cut some into sticks for le enfants to take to school today. Ahhh, winter. We will not be defeated by you.

This weeks loaf: braided bread. Turned out well (my kids ate multiple slices, in rapid succession, with butter). But I didn't have bread flour--only King Arthur Unbleached AP. So white! I added a few tablespoons of gluten flour to the mix and it turned out so very...spongey. Like an unbromated Wonder Bread. Very strange. I need some money to restock my bulk supplies. In the meantime, it's KA white flour from Sam's club, $6 for 10 lbs. That's how we suffer.

This morning was freezing cold in Florida! I decided to be a good mom and actually feed my children breakfast! Inspired by the wonder of yesterday's spongey bread, I gave my hand at vegan French toast. Only we are lacto-vegetarians, so I did use butter and cow milk. But the recipe below can go either way.

Recipe : Toast de France

2 cups milk (vanilla nondairy milk, coconut milk or moo milk)
1/4 cup flour
1 TBSPN sugar
1/2 tspn cinnamon
5 slices of bread cut half inch thick
cooking oil, such as coconut, or butter/buttery stick
optionals: pinch of cardamom, fresh grate of nutmeg, splash of vanilla, etc.

1)Combine milk, sugar, cinnamon, flour with whisk in shallow bowl.

2)Let sit a bit to thicken.

3)Warm cast iron skillet or whatever your pan of preference is.

4)Dredge bread through the mixture, coating both sides.

5)Melt/heat butter/oil/buttery stick.

6)Place coated bread in pan, fry over moderate heat. Flip, repeat. Remove from pan.

7) Serve with powdered sugar or maple syrup. Or both.

My son, Grégoire, was loving the cinnamon-y aroma from the get go. Here he is settling down to his breakfast. Okay, he ate it standing up--but he was at the table, which is a good thing.

Here's my little Manon, thoroughly enjoying her French toast breakfast. Notice she is sitting at a separate table from her brother. We Mirels need our personal space.

While my kids were thinking of this:

I couldn’t help remembering this:

Sadly, I had more batter left after making breakfast for the birdies. When I returned home from dropping them at school, I proceeded to cook more.

Looks good, no? Yes. I ate it. All. Now I need to sleep it off, sumo wrestler style. Such will be my Wednesday. I hear this is how French women stay so thin.



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12 responses to “Recipe : Vegan French Toast

  1. Varuni

    OMG that looks amazing? Will you adopt me? Can I be your kid?

  2. Seriously, I would like to apply for adoption as well.

    Also, I, too, can never eat French toast without thinking about that scene in “Better Off Dead.”

  3. gaurangi

    well done! you’re an inspiration!

  4. jaya vijaya das

    Love the video!!! Peru!!!

  5. JD

    Awesome! I’ve been craving decadent breakfast meals for some reason lately, like pancakes and waffles. Have you mastered veg. omelets? We tried to make them once but they just fell apart.

  6. Kera

    I’ll have to try that french toast recipe. I mostly find ones with tofu in them and I never like the end product.

    How cold exactly is “freezing cold in Florida?” Because the daytime wind chill in Harrisburg the past few days hasn’t gone above 25 degrees F. So if you say 50 degrees is freezing I may have to fling french toast batter at you from afar.

    • kera–at nite it is down to 22…18 w/windchill. does warm up to around 50 in the day but believe me when i tell you houses are not built for the cold in florida. i will put my garbage bag smock on now. let the flinging commence.

      the recipe, btw, tastes very good! xo

      • Kera

        I agree… 18 with windchill is indeed freezing for Florida. I will not fling french toast batter.
        Has there been a mad rush to keep fires going around the orange groves?

      • sabjimata

        I’ve heard on the news that it is not exactly the cold but the duration that impacts the groves most.

        Thanks for letting me off the hook this time!

  7. glal

    i’ve seen and used some recipes with nutritional yeast added, i think it gives it a bit more of a just like mom used to make taste.

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