Quilted Pastry Bars

Better than pop tarts...

While a French pastry chef I am not, a fridge of leftover this n’ thats inspired me to come up with something a little different, a little divine, a little buttery and a lot perfect. This delicate pastry is subtle and sweet, flaky and fabulous, rich and relishable. I didn’t write up any recipe, but I will surely revisit this in the future, as it was such a hit with the family. Eggless dairy and full vegan recipes to come!

Another use for my leftover laminated pie dough. I generously floured the work surface and the dough and rolled and rolled and rolled. I actually don't think I will be using the pasta maker much anymore, aside for cutting noodles. And entertaining the kids.

More leftovers. I combined half a brick of cream cheese with the cranberry relish leftover from Thanksgiving, nut/spice mixture leftover from baklava + a couple of tablespoons of turbinado and arrowroot powder. Looks frighteningly similar to the pink fluff they used to serve out at lunch in grade school.

The technique I envisioned was the same exact way I make my ravioli. This prompted me to do a Google search for "Ravioli Dolci"--sweet ravioli. Yes, it's out there. But I don't really like the sound of it and honestly, what I had in mind wasn't exactly what Google Image was turning up.

After I spread the filling thinly on one half of the dough, I folded the dough over and got out my ravioli rolling pin. That. I. Love.

As simple as that.

For some reason this strikes me as a very Scandinavian pastry. Finnish? Swedish? I guess it is the fact that I photogged it on a plate from Ikea.

If I was a bit more motivated, I may have gotten up to get my pastry roller. But I am weighted down by this baby, so I just used my dough cutter to break the solid sheet into bars. After baking in the oven at 350 for about 18 minutes, they were nicely golden and crisp. After cooling, I sprinkled with powdered sugar. Obviously. The quilted pastry bars (see, now doesn't that sound all Nordic?) were in puffs of 6 but my daughter had me cut off individual squares for her own eating pleasure.



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7 responses to “Quilted Pastry Bars

  1. Ekavali Dasi

    That ravioli rolling pin is awesome! With the goodies you pop out on a regular basis, I’m seriously surprised that your family is not fat! I gain weight just looking at your yummy concoctions!

  2. Rita

    You are a genius! The word “quilted” makes me want one just because it sounds so cute!

  3. Donna

    Beautiful and yummy looking!

  4. MomOfTwins

    Qow-what a recipe. Too much for me to take on, but I did used to like that strawberry whip @ the Truman cafeteria…

  5. CanadaRasa

    OK WHERE did you get that ravioli rolling pin? I’ve been searching for some kind of Ravioli maker. The best I’ve seen are the attachment to the kitchenaid mixer but it costs $179! So your rolling pin is looking REALLY good to me. 😀

  6. Yum! I’ll also take a few individual puffs just like your daughter!

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