Grapefruit Jelly Jam Yes Ma’am

Can you handle the gorgeousness of this fruit? Such amazingly fresh grapefruit, picked last weekend by the amazing boys of my life! XOXOX Vm & Babu.


Using his powers for good, my son climbed this grapefruit tree in a parking lot of the hotel we stayed at in Siesta Key and, with a little assistance from my husband, filled two re-usable shopping bags with ripe, sweet grapefruit.


Total nectar! Okay, you have to channel a German Hare Krishna monk to get the full effect of that phrase. I juiced a lot of grapefruits last nite. I learned that my $30 citrus juicer was not meant to juice a lot of grapefruit. I also learned that fresh grapefruit juice tastes best when drunk from a cheers cup.


The Babu, home from work and freshly showered, drinking his antioxidants and bioflavinoids.


Around 10 o'clock in the evening, I revealed on Facebook my plans for Friday nite: JAM MAKING! Mohini was all like, "Not without me!" And I was all like, "Duh, come over." And so she did. She even went home to get her own juicer when she saw what a dying sick animal mine was. Moaning and wheezing. It was terrible. This was Mohini's second time making jam--her first using natural pectin and doing it low sugar! Exciting times, I tell ya!


We stayed up till 3 in the morning, acting like young girls on a chitty chatty jam making binge. Only we are in our thirties and I am way pregnant and we both have demanding offspring. Well, it seemed like a good idea at the time.


The next morning, I stumbled out of bed at an unbelievably late 9 am and was greeted in the kitchen by these jarred jewels! Grapefruit jelly and cranberry grapefruit jam.


I set aside some for gifts and some for the family.


I have these corny gift tags from Target, so tonite I scribbled out some I.D.'s for tiny jams.


While Florida may not have a proper fall–no crabapple, no quince, no pear–we do have winter citrus! Not a bad deal at all…if you have a good juicer!



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10 responses to “Grapefruit Jelly Jam Yes Ma’am

  1. Mohini

    If this is what happens when you get old and boring then I wish I could have started getting old ten years ago. Middle of the night jam making is my idea cutting loose AND I still managed to get out of bed at 7 am and make pancakes for my boys.
    Hang on to that juicer lady because I am coming back with reinforcements.

  2. sabjimata

    Well, if we stay up till 3 next time, it will definitely MAKE us old! 7 am, eh? Seriously, my husband was like “It’s 9” and I was…tired.

    Hopefully I can get a replacement for the juicer this week. I was reading online that grapefruits are very hard on juicers.

  3. Damodhara Krsna das

    Sound very tasty,but where’s the recipe?

    • sabjimata

      I buy my natural pectin online in bulk but it is the same as Pomona’s Universal Pectin, which they should have at Wards or Mother Earth. Don’t buy the stuff at Hitchie’s or Publix because it is loaded with chemicals and sugar and you do have to use more sugar than fruit to get the jam to gel.

      So…juice your citrus, follow the instructions inside the pectin box for marmalade, and you will have a lovely low sugar jelly. I sterilize my jars in the oven at 200 and take them out as I fill them. Screw on lid, let cool to seal. If some jars don’t seal, then I boil 5 minutes in a water bath 😉

  4. YUMMO! I just organized my basement crawl space to put all the canned jars in order. I found that I must have about 2 dozen different jams and jellies from my mom over the past couple years. I was so unorganized I had no idea what was down there. I’m thinking of trying jam next year as my neighbour has a crapapple tree that is loaded every year. Love your pics…fun stuff!

  5. Cranberry grapefruit jan sounds so good! I saw that you gave the recipe, or where to find the recipe to another commenter, I’m happy I saw it as I need to try making this.

    • sabjimata

      Chantal, I used the stick blender on my cranberries. I made cranberry jam last year and if you don’t mash the cranberries properly, they (like gooseberries, blueberries, etc) get all hard over time which is not very mouthfeely palatable. I know some people are set on fruit chunks, but I didn’t want to risk crunchy jam!

  6. WOO! grapefruit jelly ROCKS!

  7. Gargs

    I can’t stand grapefruit but had some of your preserves yesterday and it was excellent

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