Baklava Made from Homemade Spelt Phyllo Dough

Remember the laminated pie dough? Yes, well, there was leftover dough so I promptly wrapped and froze it. I let it thaw in my fridge overnite and today thought I would try my hands at making my own phyllo dough. Especially after my husband looked at me like I was a loon. Ahem.


Initially, I thought to use the pasta maker. The dough was very delicate going through the machine. There was no way I was able to crank it past the 4 setting. The dough just got all wholly and a mess.

This was a lucky roll through 5. As Kate Moss said, "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels." Okay, I think she used the word skinny, but who cares about Kate Moss anyway.

Eventually, I abandoned the pasta maker and just went for rolling it out by hand. Lots and lots of flour was needed to keep the delicate dough from tearing. Flour, roll, flip, repeat. I ended up with papery thin, translucent dough--pretty similar to store bought.

Here are my layers of buttered dough laid out in the baking dish. The filling is ground almonds, cinnamon, cardamom and sucanat.

I baked the baklava for about 40 minutes at 350, until crisp and golden.

Syrup was made from orange juice, water, turbinado sugar and honey. The baklava needs alone time to soak up the syrup overnite, but I took pictures today because, well, tomorrow I am moving on to cooking other things. So...spelt flour baklava looks good enough to me.



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8 responses to “Baklava Made from Homemade Spelt Phyllo Dough

  1. Varacita

    The best way to make phyllo or strudel dough is to stretch it with the back of your hands. If the dough is the right consistency and has rested long enough it should stretch with ease. I never try to roll it to paper thin. Must have taken a lot of patience. Baklava looks yummy!

  2. sabjimata

    Oooh, the expert has spoken! Thanks so much for the tip, Varacita. I did find that the rolling pin action gave it more stretch and was more effective than the pasta maker. Actually, I watched a video of one woman make ravioli dough with this ginormous pin and she wrapped the dough completely around the pin while rolling (talk about skills!) and it really did a great job of stretching.

    *Sigh* I love dough science!

  3. mandakini

    i love baklava!!

  4. CanadaRasa

    I used to do this sort of thing BEFORE I had kids! Where to you find the energy?!

  5. margaret

    ou are so amazing ♥

  6. Gopal

    I’m wobbling between amazing and insane 😉

  7. Satyavati

    omg, the first time I baked in the convection oven at the temple, I turned the baklava that I was making for Lord Balarama’s app day into a piece of CHARCOAL. And Jagadguru OFFERED IT! I was about to die of mortification. I made another one and then I knew to cut about half off the bake time with that crazy oven. I do not like convection.

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