Finding the Perfect House Numbers

Don’t miss out on important social visits or paramedic aide because your house isn’t clearly marked! These simple, classic house numbers will mark the spot when a simple ‘X’ won’t do. Horton Brasses also does numbering and lettering in your choice of fonts/sizing/etc.



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One response to “Finding the Perfect House Numbers

  1. Satyavati

    We have a little (16″x16″) road sign at the end of our driveway. Just says 109. If we forget to bushwhack around it you can’t see it. No streetlights, no security lights, no nothing. I love it this way. I always say if anyone wanted to rob us, they’d have to find us first. Literally in the summer you can’t see the house from the road. Nobody visits us because we’re antisocial (and live on the far side of the planet from EVERYONE) and I’m a nurse, so I guess we’ll be OK. FedEx and DHL do suck, though… UPS has us down pat.

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