A Mostly Vegan Thanksgiving

Fresh Cranberry Relish Garnished w/ Lime Zest

Absolutely simple to make, this no-cook prep brings a burst of freshness and color to the holiday table.

I had leftover dough from my won ton experiment. The combination of semolina and rice flour was very pliable but a bit delicate.

I combined the leftover won ton seitan/spinach/ginger mixture with freshly cooked potatoes and spices to create a samosa filling.


This unusually smooth samosa was rolled by my daughter using the semolina/rice flour dough (we made a second batch of dough that was all white flour). When you see them all fried up, this one stands out as a smooth beauty!

I lay my samosas out on parchment paper because I have a very terrible track record of having things stick. I really love parchment paper. And yes, I wash and re-use it.

Samosas--traditional Indian food for Thanksgiving. These took the place of mashed potatoes at our holiday table.

Our hostess, Padi, made these ridiculously good vegan sticky buns. She has perfected the art of buns.

Padi's husband Braj is also excellent in the kitchen. He cooked at a Govinda's restaurant in New Zealand and now he makes his friends delicious things, like this vegan pot pie, whenever the occasion merits.

Adi Gopi brought along the roasted carrots (I know they were made by her because they appeared on the buffet in a FiestaWare bowl). Padi made the roasted root veggies--parsnips being her very favorite and very British signature tuber.

The gorgeous auburn haired hostess, Ms. Padi Sutherland, nurse, student and mom extraordinaire, master of no-knead artisan bread recipes and a damn nice person. Here she is holding a platter of green beans, brought by Adi Gopi (notice the FiestaWare!).

Also on the menu that night: Marmite (England version) based gravy,  vegan turkey roast, 3 pumpkin pies, cranberry shortbread bars, peanut butter cookies and  full dairy whipped cream. Did I miss anything?



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8 responses to “A Mostly Vegan Thanksgiving

  1. Mohini

    My goodness. What an incredibly photogenic feast!! Every single thing looked perfect. Intrigued about the marmite gravy, having never tasted but oft heard of the stuff. When I first scrolled down and saw the picture of your dough I thought it was vegan marshmallows and you were about to massacre some sweet potatoes-needless to say I was relieved that my disbelief was was based on sound logic. You wouldn’t do such a thing. Right?
    All in all it looked to be an evening of gastronomic delight. Bravo.

  2. sabjimata

    I wouldn’t. I swear.

    Padi is responsible for the marmite gravy. She cooked it up in about 3 minutes!

    It was a delicious meal and we were definitely stuffed afterwards.

    And your Thanksgiving, my dear?

  3. Ekavali Dasi

    Yummy, yum, Yum! Looks great! Those sticky buns look awesome. Is Padi willing to share the recipe?!?!? I’ve been wanting to make those but having a hard time finding a good recipe.

  4. Sounds like a lovely dinner! My guests and I loved that vegan turkey roast, AMAZING!

  5. Mmm, I love the samosa’s, among other things. We made nearly an identical root vegetable dish-carrot’s and parsnips-and a second dish of brussel sprouts cooked the same way.

    • sabjimata

      Well, I thought it was very English…but now I see it was also very New English. We did Thanksgiving with the same group last year and their were Brussels Sprouts. They were definitely missed this year.

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