Homemade Asian Dumpling Wrapper SOS

Continuing my quest to make a good homemade dumpling wrapper, I tried out a rice flour / semolina flour combo. Meh. The result was kind of heavy. Should I have used AP flour instead of semolina? Is there a difference between regular rice flour and the flour I have read about called “glutinous rice flour”? Can somebody help? There is not much info online about making wrappers from scratch, especially eggless. I have tried all white flour. Half white and half semolina. And now half rice and half semolina. Anyone? Help? Please? I know I will not get the same consistency as store bought since I have no interest in adding all the scary stuff, but please. Someone. Help me get closer to homemade dumpling perfection.

The filling: baked seitan, raw spinach, fresh ginger


Have you seen him? The search for Won Ton Animal Chin. Map to the skater's homes. Okay. I have an associative won ton disorder.



My kids were satisfied. But I wasn't.



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8 responses to “Homemade Asian Dumpling Wrapper SOS

  1. satyavati

    Beautiful!! …I feel so white trash now. At least I warned people I wasn’t a gourmet. Now I’ve proven it 😛

  2. Elizabeth Wittig

    Just found your question about dumpling wrappers. My sister in law is Cantonese so I’ve sent an email asking her how she makes hers. I have a feeling it may be as all purpose/cornflour mix – will let you know.

  3. Ekavali Dasi

    I use the one combination that you didn’t try, rice flour and white flour. Don’t know what type of each but both are very fine, like powder. I think glutinous rice flour wouldn’t be a wise choice, sounds too sticky. I just do salt, water and mixture of both flours. I never measure. I do a filling with cabbage, tofu, carrot and ginger. I’ve never put them in soup, but we do the whole steamed dumplings here quite often. I have taken the excess dough and rolled it out to makes strips of noodles for soup though. For the dumplings, I roll the dough really thin, using some oil like in pooris. Then I do a half moon crease and then stand them up. That way they’re not so doughy. The pics above look like they needed to be rolled thinner. That would really effect how dense it is. Hope this helps for your next attempt!

    • sabjimata

      Thanks Ekavali! Usually I put them through the pasta maker to get the dough super thin but last nite I just rolled them out by hand…end of the day blahs! I will try the white flour with rice flour. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

  4. Margaret

    here is a difference between regular rice flour and glutinous rice flour. i just can’t explain it. sorry. i want to say that glutinous rice flour is made from very sticky mochi rice.

    wish i could be more help.

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