Laminated Pumpkin Pie Crust : Upping the Flake Factor

Pumpkin pie. How typically November. But these pumpkin pies have been upgraded with the addition of a laminated pie crust.

For a laminated dough, I roll room temp softened butter out between two sheets of parchment paper, then stick in the fridge to firm up. You can also use saran wrap. Whatever.

I only rolled the dough out twice with the butter, but there were many folds and the quick lamination technique really paid off. First rolled out one stick of butter and refrigerated. Then I combined about 6 cups of flour, a little salt and way more water than a regular pie crust. Look at those layers just waiting to bake and flake!

Two pies made. One eaten within 48 hours, the other photographed and headed to the freezer to celebrate the arrival of new baby.

See that flakiness! My son, the lover of all things sweet, much preferred the crust to the filling. Too bad that's not really an option in this house. Oh, and how to you like my Pilgrim?

The crust with crackle.

Here's the pie, all wrapped and double wrapped and triple, even quadruple wrapped. It will only be in the freezer 5-ish weeks (by my educated body guess) but still, want to avoid the....(who know's their 1989 trivia?).

***Update: Technique on how to laminate dough explained at this post here!***



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10 responses to “Laminated Pumpkin Pie Crust : Upping the Flake Factor

  1. Tulasi devi

    Look great! I was just wondering how you get from the rolled out stick of butter to the flaky dough? How do you combine it with the flour and water mixture?

    love baffled tulasi

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  3. sabjimata

    Thanks for the comment Dear Tulasi! Just did a new post in your honor. Hope all is well. Would love to get an email from you hearing what’s going on in your life now. Me, well–here I am!

  4. Rocket Scientist

    “Upvoted for the use of the word ‘laminated’.”

  5. Erica in India

    Looks great! Yummy!

  6. Kamal

    Laminate, salivate. 🙂

  7. Do you think this would turn out the same if I used earth balance instead of butter?

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