Eggless Challah

Shared it on Facebook first....eggless (vegan-ish) challah and Devorah.

I’ve been wanting to make eggless challah ever since I first ventured across a vegan recipe from the PPK gals. Except their recipe calls for bananas. And that just seemed too…banana-y for me.

Well, last Shabbat (don’t I sound like a proper Jewess?) Trailrunner posted her weekly challahs on GW. They looked goooood.  The next day Jterrilynn posted her successful attempt. I was feeling left out. And also some pregnancy related challah cravings. If you’ve ever been Jewish, you just might know what all the fuss is about!

So I began researching vegan recipes. I decided to use a combo of ground flax and boiled sweet potatoes and plantains as my egg subs. I was going for bind and fluff, the subtle sweet flavor and color.

The combo made a nice bread, but aside from the shape and moistness, it wasn’t really challah. But it was good. My son loves it and I will use the same recipe for the dinner rolls I am slated to make for his class Thanksgiving.

I’m still contemplating ways to improve the recipe. Challah is similar to brioche–very eggy. Impossibly eggy. I will troll the online recipes and try to patch together some mash-up of ideas. My dough was very wet (I used whey so technically it wasn’t vegan). Trailrunner says you need the dough to be soft and squishy like a baby butt.

Speaking of baby butts, I don’t know when I will actually attempt another challah since my baby butt will be here in 5-8 weeks. Which is why I spent the day cooking stuff to freeze…

Ready to face the morning with a hot cup of apple cider, eggless challah and butter. From France.My son’s fancy tastes.

6 strand braided challah topped with sesame seeds

This is the second challah I made. It's quite large. The plan is to freeze it for the family to enjoy when the baby comes and I am *resting.* *All day.* *In bed.*

Strawberry jam, you are so delicious! After i took these pics, I devoured everything.

I would eat it again if it was on a plate in front of me.

* Chomp * Chomp *





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8 responses to “Eggless Challah

  1. The DH likes challah. I always find it wanting — like I’m wanting it to be panettone or I’m wanting it to be the Italian cheese bread that looks like panettone. But yours appears to be a most successful adaptation and the big loaf is a beaut. Guess I’m just too crusty. But the buttah, always right. Current butter addiction is Kerry Gold from Ireland.

  2. Melissa Eimer

    This looks amazing and I love the sound of the dough. Yum, I am glad you enjoyed it! I don’t know much about butter but recently I have begun trying local butters (Mapleview and Calico) and cannot believe how superior they are to commercial butter. I don’t think I could go back.

    • sabjimata

      There is a Frenchie bakery my son likes to go to for bread and we buy butter there (there is only this very expensive French butter) and sit outside like homeless people mashing the butter onto our baguette. I was amazed that my son could actually taste the subtleness of the more expensive butter over the *ahem* crap I usually buy.I do feel guilty indulging in butter from so far away. Your route sounds much better to me. North Carolina has some great local producers of things like dairy and CSA’s with actual variety. Melissa, trust me. Don’t move to Florida!

  3. Shradhanjali

    Yummy…I want to make it now 🙂

  4. rizzo

    seriously. that looks sooooo good!

  5. Padi

    ooooh challah….as in KKKKaalah (guttural sound). ;D

  6. Yes O Almighty God may I never have to go gluten-free!

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