Cooking for Baby Bindu! (Autumn Soup Recipe Included!)

As mentioned in the previous post, I am trying to prepare for baby number three by cooking and freezing so the family and I are well fed during the transition period.

The goal is to devote one day a week to cooking and freezing until I go into labor. Today’s attempt was a success. In addition to what’s pictured, I made two pumpkin pies. They will be more photogenic once cooled.

This weekend we are celebrating the boy turning 7 with a real life boy party. Baking will happen. I plan to crank out extra for the Sabjimata freezer section–brownies, vegan rice krispie treats, cookies and pizza.

Next week I hope to get some palak paneer, pasta casseroles (lasagna, manicotti, ziti) baked and frozen as well as raviolis and Chinese dumplings. The husband will be responsible for getting fresh fruits and veggies on the table when Bindu comes (yes, her name really will be Bindu…Bindumati to be exact). I know he can handle it. That and pancakes. The man makes an excellent pancake!

My kids' favorite soup. Vegetable barley--with pasta (alpahbets), nutrella (TVP), barley, beans and veggies.

In process: roasted butternut squash soup.

All done and topped with ground dry roasted cumin and a big squeeze of lime.

Lovely lovely soup! I am a fan of blended soups. Prefer them to brothy  soup with stuff in them (unless that stuff is some sort of dumpling).

A few weeks back my talented, beautiful, enchanting friend Mohini brought over a delicious autumny roasted squash soup for a little ladies who lunch date. Me, along with my UPS man who happened to stop by, were floored by this soup. It was a drop dead gorgeous on the tongue tribute to all things beautiful about blended soup. Creamy. Silky. Full of complex flavors blended together yet bursting at different taste bud locales in your mouth. Totally top of the line homemade soup.

Mohini posted the recipe on Facebook and, without her permission, I am posting it here. Hope you don’t mind  Miss Mo!

I don’t have a real recipe for this I’m just guessing on quantities for the most part. I like to roast the squashes and sweet potatoes first but you could use just butternut and/or sweet potatoes and peel and simmer in the broth with the other veggies.


3lbs. Winter Squash and sweet potato mix of your choice

1 Med/Lg Onion

1 Apple, peeled

2 Celery stalks

1 in. chunk of ginger

4 C Broth

4 C Water

Salt and Pepper

Olive Oil

Halve, seed, rub with olive oil, and sprinkle with salt your winter squash and taters. Toss in a 425 degree oven for 45-60 min or until done. Let cool and peel off those skins.

Dice up the onion, apple, celery, ginger and sweat in your soup pot in a little olive oil for 8 min or so.

Add water, broth, and salt and pepper to taste. Bring to a boil, then simmer 25min or until everything is nice and soft.

Add your cooked squash and puree with your wand blender or puree in batches in blender or processor.

Now you can season it to your liking. Today I used coconut milk and red curry paste. I also like to use Greek yogurt (or cream, half and half, or milk) and smidge of maple syrup, cinnamon, and nutmeg if you like those seasonings. Or just the dairy and some fresh parm. Oh, a little sage would be good too. There are a lot of ways to take this soup. Enjoy.

I usually fly by the seat of my maternity pants in the kitchen, but I was scheming to make this soup to freeze so I bought a few ingredients–namely butternut squash–and got cooking. My recipe really didn’t follow Mohini’s. I didn’t use apple. Had no ginger. And did not make it over to the Asian market for the red curry.

Jonesing for the quintessential flavors of the soup, I did *roast* my butternut squash. I strayed from my usual cooking repertoire and used some forbidden fruits (vegetables really) for the mirepoix. Carrots, celery and….two others! Anyone want to try and guess?

I added the spices at the end, after the soup was blended. Fresh green curry leaf, hing, black pepper, cinnamon, garam masala, thyme and dry roasted ground cumin. Also, lots and lots of lime. Salt and Braggs as usual. The result was warm and rich and tangy. Not Mohini’s, but definitely a contender. Looking forward to pushing this baby out so I can indulge in some soupness.

Half gallon and quart jars filled--with ample headspace left--and headed to the freezer, to be retrieved when Baby Bindu is born.

Harriet's thumbprint jam cookies (click the recipes section on the top of the page to get the 411 on Harriet) made with my sweet & sour cherry + tangerine persimmon jams.

This cookie plate is gone, save for two remaining cookies that don't have much hope of making it past breakfast time. I made 5 dozen cookies. The rest have been divided into three rations and are now in the freezer.

For the Babu's dinner, I attempted to make a vegan-ish omelette. I wasn't working from a recipe, although I had read a few. Well, I didn't read carefully enough because I way overdid it with the milk. I cooked it on the stove top. I baked it in the oven. It never got crepey. In the end, I put it in a bowl and called it sandwich spread. The flavor was good; it tasted exactly like stuffing--proving fast and loose doesn't always work out.



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7 responses to “Cooking for Baby Bindu! (Autumn Soup Recipe Included!)

  1. Mohini

    Buttered me up like a piece of your Challah…

    1. After your last post I needed to know what you were cooking and stockpiling for Bindu’s arrival but was too lazy to email you to prod the information out of you. I am possibly overly interested in other peoples kitchen habits and thus feel lucky that you are compelled to blog about yours.
    2. I may still be blushing.
    3. Jam thumbprints have been on my MIND lately.

    There you have it.

    • sabjimata


      LOL I am so interested in other people’s kitchen habits and SHOPPING CARTS at the grocery store! Way more exciting to me than nudity/sex/etc.

      I want to see you blush.

      I will try to arrange for thumbprint cookies to be in your hand Sunday.

      Ooooh! Wanted to tell you. I have a bag of cherries in my freezer that I froze. Was thinking we could combine with cranberries and citrus peel for a sweet and sour yummy jam!

  2. Great idea! How do you find freezing paneer and curries? Do you find the taste or texture varies? Best wishes with the arrival of the baby!

    • sabjimata

      Hi Preena! Thanks for stopping by. Here is my experience: If you make paneer and just freeze it I do find there to be some textural changes, not for the better. However, if it is fried, there is virtually no change. Fresh paneer boiled/cooked in sabji also survives better. I guess all the juice of the curry. I have frozen bags of cubed and fried paneer as well as palak paneer and that works well. As far as curries, I have not had much success with potatoes, as the texture changes are unpalatable to me and my family.

  3. Sita

    OG! The two ‘forbidden’ vegetables you used. Did I get it right? How gutsy of you, btw.

  4. Those cookies look really yummy – I might have to make some thumbprint cookies.

    Also, Bindu is a lovely name!

  5. I can’t believe how productive you are. I can barely get food on the table for meals, much less cook extra for freezing. I can’t believe the arrival of Baby Bindu is so close. Time is flying! Happy 7th birthday to your son!

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