Plum Pomelo Marmalade

Winter is creeping towards us. Even here in the south. A few scarecrows remain up on Main Street, although they are now lit by Christmas lights wrapping the lamp poles.

Winter is citrus season. The fruit stands in the market are filling with local, Florida grown oranges and grapefruit at increasingly lower prices. I am looking forward to December/January when the Meyer lemons are ripe. Of course, my own Meyer lemon will be ripe at the same time, so I probably won’t be doing much canning around then.

My last trip to the market I bought a pomelo. I’ve seen them before but never took the plunge. One of my kids’ teachers is having a birthday soon, so I thought this was the perfect opportunity to get my jam on with pomelo.

Pomelo + Plums


You have to admit, the pomelo is very photogenic!


This pomelo came from California and its price reflected that. This was my first pomelo. The fruit tastes very nice on its own, but I had my sights set on jam. As evident from the previous pictures, there is not a lot of fruit to work with. Disappointing considering what I paid for it. I had some plums on hand so I decided to add them into the mixture. Red plums, to be more accurate. And these plums helped boost the pinky pink pink color of the final product. Here is a pic of the rind, with much of the white bitter stuff cut away. It was white and spongey and oh so nice...just not nice tasting!


I was originally planning on making a pomelo jelly but, like I mentioned, once cut open my plans had either to change or I needed to shell out more bucks--and make another car trip into Gainesville--for additional fruit. If I had made jelly, I would have candied the peel, of which there was plenty to work with. But my kids were at school and I did not want to share the fun of jam making with them so I adjusted the plan. Here is a pic of my slivered rind for the marmalade. I like to get the white pith as far gone as possible. Bitter is a turn off for me when it comes to marmalade. I know, I am a marmalade wimp.


The finished product. Or, what was left over in the jam pot after canning. Here is my vibrant, beautiful, mildly delicate tasting plum pomelo marmalade atop full fat plain yogurt. Love a little sweet and sour together.


Three 10 ounce jars, one 8 ounce jar and one 4 ounce jar from 1 pomelo, 3 plums and 4 small limes.



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4 responses to “Plum Pomelo Marmalade

  1. padi

    Looks really beautiful DD. Can I come along one day when you are making jam/marmalade? I’ve not done it since I was little and we’d make raspberry jam from berries from our garden 🙂

  2. Mohini

    I would love to attend a jam making workshop, just so you know. I have only made jam once a few years ago but have a few books and many, many jam making fantasies that would love to come to fruition. Ha.

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