New Baby!

Not mine! I still have 9 weeks until my due date. But last weekend some new friends of ours became first time parents, after a very intense and long labor. Way to go, Lacie! You are all woman.

Today Padi and I brought over some sustenance for the family of three. I found cooking for the new parents very enlivening. Honestly, there is nothing like the first experience of becoming a parent. Completely surreal no matter how the child comes to you. A new baby is a big deal and that transition from a family of two me’s to a family of three is huge. Must say, these guys make it look easy.

Here are some pics from this morning’s cooking rush.

Not ones to "fall back," these kids were up bright and early to help me cook. At their age I wasn't allowed to even feed myself yet these two and their Montessori training have not met a vegetable they didn't insist on cutting up. They use paring knives that I've marked the handles with in permanent marker because there was some confusion about what was the cutting side and what was the top of the blade. Cooking rule number one--that vegetables should be cut in uniform sizes--has been temporarily suspended, although I am working on bringing everyone up to code.

Buckwheat. Russians love it. Full of bioflavonoids, such as good for the circulatory system ruitn. I toasted some groats, boiled them and then tossed them in butter before mixing with ricotta cheese to fill the manicotti. Trying to get some good nutrition together for the new mom!

The manicotti mixture--buckwheat, dried parsley and ricotta. Seems like the perfect bastardized manifestation of my Jewish Italian heritage. Actually, buckwheat is not foreign to Italian cuisine, although I've found no evidence of any authenticity regarding this filling. Still, the buckwheat is "good for health" and added a very earthy, autumn flavor to the dish. It wasn't my husband's favorite, but I think I prefer this version to straight cheese. Plus....RUTIN!

Manicotti. This is the tray I made for mia famiglia.

Manicotti. This is the tray I made for the new parents. Definitely not traditional. Was identical to ours, but then I topped it with a creamy sauce with zukes and yellow squash. Into the oven a bit to set up.

Knead, boil, fry, boil, broil--these seitan kebabs were cooked in the same manner as my usual vegan barbecued seitan kebabs with one difference. This time I used a sauce similar to the gravy I would whip up for a makhan paneer sabji. Heavy on the ginger and garam masala, this version tastes very Indian.

Who isn't salad good for? Pretty much everyone not on a liquid diet! This one is full o' stuff for the new mom and her breastfed babe. Green leafies, tofu, sunflower seeds, broccoli, tomatoes, and other stuff that I can't remember right now. Heck, it's even healthy for the new dad. Nobody loses with salad.

This is a pic of the vinaigrette before I stuck the stick blender in there. Cold pressed virgin olive oil, balsamic vinegar, fresh tarragon from our generous potted plant and prunes. Yes, I stuck a huge amount of prunes in the dressing. Just to help the new mom out. Because I care about these kind of things.

Liquified: Tarragon Prune Vinaigrette Post-Blender

Cooookies! Will post the recipe for these later in the week. This was a little sweet side note, however my friend Padi brought the real dessert....pumpkin pie! Yummo. Wish I snapped a pic of it.

Lacie and Gaura are very attentive and loving parents. And they’ve only been at it for a week! I am happy that our girls will be so close in age and pray they get on well with one another. Also, I’m interested to see how much hair my girlie has in comparison to this baby. Stiff competition! But it doesn’t surprise me considering we are working from a similar gene pool. That’s right–baby Rati is from Jewish Italian bloodlines as well.

The big reveal! New parents Gaura and Lacie and their gorgeous little one, Rati Keli. This isn’t the best pic of baby girl since she was getting a little sad from all the flash photography. Believe me, she is a stunner!


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15 responses to “New Baby!

  1. Veronnie

    Everything looks delicious. What lucky new parents!

  2. Dwight

    I congratulate you on your nice family and excellent cooking skills. Do you have any paper needs?

  3. Tulasi devi

    I had to google “manicotti” because I had no idea what they were, although they looked delicious.

    Here’s what I came up with, “Cannelloni is often erroneously referred to as manicotti (Italian: sleeves) (English pronunciation: /ˌmænɨˈkɒtiː/), which is actually a filled Italian dinner crepe, as opposed to pre-rolled pasta. While many Americanized versions believe manicotti and cannelloni are interchangeable, traditional Italian dishes make cannelloni with pasta and manicotti with a specialized crepe pan.”

    So whatever these are – cannelloni (filled pasta tubes) or manicotti (Italian crepes) – could you perhaps consider cooking these for me sometime in our virtual world?

    Thanks, Tulasi

    • sabjimata

      Sure thing! Actually, I thought the difference between manicotti and cannelloni was that cannelloni was a sheet of pasta dough wrapped into over but not sealed into a tube. Thanks for this tidbit of info!

  4. mmmmm…that zucchini cream sauce looks so yummy!
    hooray for the new parents and I love her name….has a lil “keli” in it 🙂

  5. Leslie Howard

    What a wonderful gift you prepared! For our last baby we were blessed with meals from the temple community and it was really wonderful to get some real nutrition during a time I couldn’t cook at all. Yay for new mommy support!

  6. hotpotatomama

    Wow! I never thought of using buckwheat groats like bread crumbs. I make my own buckwheat pasta. It is very traditionally Italian. I am gluten intolerant. This is a great idea and I will incorporate it into my own cooking.

  7. padi

    so lovely of you to make all of that dd. looks delish. btw, i forgot to clean my car and braja was wondering why it smelled akin to sour milk mixed with baby sick today….then I remembered :S

  8. padi

    no probs! the dangers of dairy ;D

  9. Gauranga Kishore

    hey this is Lacie… .too lazy to sign into my own account. just checking out your blog… beautiful pictures. thanks for the nice words about our family 🙂 it makes me so happy to have your support and friendship as our baby comes into the world. i can’t believe how embracing everyone has been. i’m truly overwhelmed with gratefulness. by the way, that pasta was awesome…creamy pasta dishes are one of my favorite foods. so we’re at the hospital again. i’m not posting it on facebook so as to avoid the updates and stressing people out. looks like she just has a cold, but she had a fever when we got here and was disoriented so we’re at it all over again with the IV and have to wait 2 days for test results before they’ll send us home. it’s such a catch 22. we have to take her in ya know? but then all of this! send us good vibes. momma is oh sooo sad. p.s. we make it look easy because gaura is like mom #2. he’s soooo good with her. sorry to hog your blog 🙂 see you soon i hope. got lots of stuff for your little girl. Rati outgrew things fast. she’s almost ten pounds already!

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