My Sink on Attic Mag!


My M. Teixeira custom Belvedere Soapstone Sink on Attic Mag

Now this was fun. I was finishing up my blog work for the day, making the rounds to my usual online haunts. Over at Attic Mag I was enjoying the post titled “Kitchen Contrasts: 1920-2010” by Jane F. (There are a couple of Janes over there).

I’m reading. I’m scrolling. I’m liking what I see and planning to bookmark the post.

And then I come to my own sink! Whaaaa! What fun.

To read the entire post @ Attic Mag click here.



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4 responses to “My Sink on Attic Mag!

  1. So glad you stopped by and enjoyed the post. You have a truly Victorian size sink! It deserves to be shown a lot. It is unique but with a traceable history. Love it! Jane F.

    • sabjimata

      Thanks, Jane. I love that sink! We had a 40″ soapstone sink in our last remodel and I kept saying how I wished the sink was a bit bigger and that I had another basin. This one definitely fulfills all my sink desires. No more longing…it’s perfection!

  2. marianna

    congratulations! how did you get your kitchen on the website? did you send pictures of your kitchen to them?

    • sabjimata

      Marianna, I am on a kitchen forum with some of the Attic Mag editors, so I know they are familiar with my kitchen remodel. Plus, I am a frequent visitor to their site, a fan and I leave comments. The gals over there always seem to reciprocate 😉

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