Fall Stresstival

Lots going on. Kids had a soccer game yesterday at the ungodly hour of 5:30 pm. Am cooking the “vegan fare” for my kids’ school Fall Festival today. I sure hope there are some vegans attending! Spent too much time trying to figure out how to attach a bulbous styrofoam bodied bat to the back of a black t-shirt. And life. Let’s recap.

Okay. I was proud of this. Dinner from cutting board to table in 35 minutes. Vegetables/tofu/pasta, deeeeeep fried plantains in tomato sauce and glazed carrots. GLAZED CARROTS! Like rice pudding, i LOVED glazed carrots as a kid. So, I thought I would introduce my own spawn to the yum. "It tastes weird." "Can we just have them not cooked." Why do I bother?

Fry Shack! I am making kebabs for sale at the Fall Festival food court so the past 24 hours have involved a lot of high heat and coconut oil. The last time I made a big quantity of kebabs, the 2" stainless steel backsplash on the range got all ickity and commercial kitchen looking. I wasn't totally clueless that this would happen, which is why I went tile behind the cooktop. We had to use heavy duty oven cleaner to get the ick off and still, there are faint little rainbow puddle stains behind that oiled up burner. Of course, I find them charming. Anyway, Easy Off oven cleaner is not charming. So here's my little kitchen tip that I'm passing on to you: foil behind your fryer! Non-flammable and totally protects your stainless steel from tough to clean heat baked grease stains.

Birthday season is upon us and the baked goodies have been making an appearance at parties and in their classrooms. My kids gladly practice gastronomical abstinence in the face of such egged out treats, but I don't blame them for dropping a mention that they couldn't have any. So for the in school Halloween/Fall Festival today, I cranked out 50+ cupcakes for distribution in their classrooms. My daughter's teacher is very strict about no frosting and healthy eating, so I hope it all flies. The frosting is a super airy, light buttercream, slightly sweetened. Madhumati insisted on white frosting but I wanted to make it autumn-y so I did some extra frosting colored with turmeric. Originally I was going to use saffron, but to be honest, didn't want to spend my precious imported threads on kids that might just dump their cupcake in the trash. So, turmeric. Stinky, earthy turmeric. I mixed in some pure maple extract and cinnamon--that totally covered up the taste. But the smell? Well, it is Halloween!



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12 responses to “Fall Stresstival

  1. Kera

    The veggie/tofu/pasta dish looks yummy! Fried plantains in tomato sauce… interesting. The cupcakes look amazing. Tomorrow is Gwen’s fall party at school, which I am not part of the this particular party planning process, so I have no idea what food will be there that she can eat. My bet is on no egg free sweets. So I’ll be making a dozen cupcakes today so that she has one to take to school tomorrow.

    • sabjimata

      Good mama! Actually, on the sign up sheet for my son’s class the teach had two spots for “eggless treats.” I was touched!

  2. Subhadra

    I truly look forward to reading your blogs!
    Can’t believe you splurge on the coconut oil for a school event…amazing.
    My kids have always done really good not eating the forbidden treats at school, except once: When my oldest daughter was four, she came home one day and assured me that there is nothing bad in marshmallows. hmmmm.

    • sabjimata

      Thanks for the comment, Subhadra! Hope you are on the mend and that the internet is making the time more passable. I buy coconut oil in bulk from tropicaltraditions.com. Five gallon bucket. I am almost through with this bucket but it has lasted a long time.

      Yeah, we actually had a marshmallow incident last year w/Mm. She felt awful.

  3. 25 minutes is my time limit for dinner production. Any more than that and the inmates get a little nutty. Then again, my food doesn’t look nearly as delicious so maybe it’s just not worth the wait. We were all vegetarian last night. Think it’s OK to eat 10 pierogies? Because I did.

  4. I’m laughing out loud at your children’s carrot comments. Do we have the same kids? That is exactly what I heard when I made glazed carrots. Exactly. Like they’re channeling each other. The cupcakes look so very yummy. Actually, all of your food looks yummy, and you’re inspiring me to try plantains.

  5. Ekavali Dasi

    Love the idea of tumeric for food coloring! You’re always so creative. I feel for you about your kids carrot comment. It is really a bummer when they diss our food making efforts. My son is so picky that I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t spend too much time preparing food so I don’t feel so bad if he rejects it!

    • sabjimata

      Yeah, they like nice things made in the kitchen and get excited about trying stuff (sometimes) but they are so carb driven! A lot of what they eat is “plain food” and I think that is okay. Plain pasta. Plain rice. Plain cheese. Salad without dressing. Raw veggies and fruits. Food in it’s more natural state. They have some favorite dishes and I do try to get them to taste stuff. But yes, it is a bummer!

  6. Funny, I was planning on making glazed carrots for dinner last night-and I did-and both of mine ate all of their carrots with no prodding. I am pretty sure they would have reacted differently to raw carrots. The large quantities of real maple syrup and of fancy schmancy butter had everything to do with it I am sure.

    I think all kids are card driven. Mine sure are.

    • sabjimata

      Maybe it was my Sam’s club butter. Will have to go French next time. If the kids don’t eat it, I am sure the armadillos who visit our compost pile will love it!

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