Low Sugar Blues

What a day. What a low sugar day. I made stuff. Mixed results. Husband came home and told me not to go low sugar crazy. Etc.

Because I wanted my son to be full at lunch time, I warmed a skillet early this morning and began melting butter, to which I added a bit of sugar. Just a bit.

Caramelizing the sugar.

To the butter and sugar I added hazelnuts, sunflower seeds and cashew pieces. Plus a sprinkle of salt.

I turned the mixture out on a slab of butcher block to cool.

The boy was excited to find out this was going in his school lunch. The last time I made a version of this, I used pecans and a generous amount of sucanat and maple syrup. I was nervous how he would take this lower sugar version...

...and he loved it! Whew. He had a whole bunch for breakfast and I was happy to send him off to school with a full belly.

After dropping the kids at school and doing a little food shopping, I returned home to get some baked goods together and in the oven. This pumpkin pie has a whole wheat/coconut oil crust that isn't all that bad. The pie itself is fresh pumpkin (skin and all), a block of soft tofu, molasses, a smidge of sucanat, a pinch of salt and all those spices that make you think *autumn*...or *scented candle shop*. It tasted pretty meh but I think, after some fridge time, it is improving.

I thought I would get a jump on things and make some banana bread for soccer practice later in the week. I mixed buckwheat, spelt and whole wheat flour because, you know, going lower in your glycemic load should be a team sport! I also cut down the sugar by one third. Unfortunately, the bread was not done before I had to head out to my cupping appointment (does that make me sound like Ms. Goopy Gwyneth Paltrow or what!) so the loaves had a bit of concave pudding in the center. No matter. I just cut that part away and wrapped up the good stuff. The lower sugar banana bread passed the taste inspection by my kids, who had a few pieces throughout the afternoon. The pie, however, met mixed review. My daughter shunned it. My son ate it but told me he did so despite not liking it that much. And then he told me I should make two next time....one for me and one for everyone else. My husband had a slice for dinner and said it was good. But next time he will have it with ice cream.



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4 responses to “Low Sugar Blues

  1. Ekavali Dasi

    I love the nut mix! That’s a fantastic idea for Narayan’s tiffin box. Have you ever tried it using jaggery? It’d be nice to know if it’s not so good before I try it!

  2. Mandakini

    omnomnomnom! reading this made me really hungry 😉 think i’ll make a pumpkin pie today…to go with the pumpkin muffins i’m making for the Go-puja party at Gopal N’s tomorrow 😀

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