Narayan Maharaja?

This blog is not the most Hare Krishna in content these days, but as I wander the Hare Krishna/Iskcon web–namely Planet Iskcon, Chakra and Dandavats–I am surprised to see *nothing* about Srila Narayan Maharaja and the fact that he is *dying*.

Since my husband helped found Iskcon Resolve with the help of his grandfather’s long term friend, Arnold Zack (okay, that is so tacky-name-dropping but hey, this is an appropriate time for it!), I am saddened to see that after 9 or so years of this ombudsman/mediation office being in place, there has not been any progress made between the Iskcon camp and the Narayan Maharaja camp. At least not publicly.

It is not my place to get into the details of who did what to whom in what year, etc. I personally don’t care. But I do find the silence on the Iskcon internet presence odd.

Death can come at any time and Maharaja has been blessed with a very long life. Others are not. I hope there is some plan in place to clear the air between Maharaja and Iskcon before it is too late. And I hope that, as great and not so great devotees continue to pass from this world, Iskcon is inspired to make amends. To be the bigger fish in the very small pond of Vaisnava community. Tripurari Swami *cough cough*.


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