Ms. Kathleen’s Spicy Peach Jam

Ms. Kathleen's Spicy Peach Jam

Today is the 60th birthday of one of my daughter’s teachers, Ms. Kathleen. I really like Ms. Kathleen. She makes the kids eat their lunches, even if they don’t care for something. Not only has my daughter reported this, but these accounts have been confirmed by my son, who also had Ms. Kathleen as a teacher last year.

I like Ms. Kathleen, but what to get the woman who has everything? I mean, she already has the honor of spending 6 hours a day with my child! What more could she need?

Ms. Kathleen gives little hints through her wardrobe about the kind of woman she is. And that kind of woman is rock n’ roll. Boots. Pants that lace. Long hair. Blouses that billow in a peasant-top kind of way. Inside this kindergarten teacher is a real wild child. So I decided to make a spicy peach jam with nearby Georgia peaches to honor  both her sugar and her spice.

I flavored the jam with lots of chili and ginger with some garam masala, cinnamon, hing, cumin seed and turmeric thrown in. Oh, and of course, sugar. And salt.

I have no idea if Ms. Kathleen likes her jam on the hot side, but this spread would really compliment grilled tofu, lettuce and tomato on a crusty bread. As shown below, this jam even works with sweet cakes, although I wouldn’t surprise anyone with it. I had a sample with some buckwheat spice cake and, I promise, it wasn’t bad. The sandwich idea is better.

Hot & Sweet: Spicy Peach Jam on Buckwheat Cake


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