Dinner is Served

Well, it was served last night. Tonight it will be “every man for himself leftovers.”

I’ve been enjoying the high capacity burners of my FiveStar range and, inspired by the tiny eggplant that grew in our pathetic, unfertilized garden, last night’s dinner had a certain standout. The flame roasted nightshades were delicious and very Tuscan/Bengali rustic.

Wrapping the vegetables-particularly the eggplant-in foil and then flaming allows for a steamed flesh with a charred and wilted exterior. No oil required. To make sure everything was well done, I baked the sliced vegetables for about 15 minutes with some salt. After removing from the oven, I drizzled the dish with a light touch of olive oil. Complete heaven.

This made me feel so Bangla.


21,000 BTU's at work

Okay. Does this make you sing a Violent Femmes song? Because it totally couldn't resist.

Okay. I was just going to include a link to this vid but when I saw the mullet, I had to embed the full hairstyle here. On my blog:

Off the flame, sliced and into a dish with a little salt, pepper and dried Italian herbs.

Baked for about 15 minutes, out of the oven and drizzled with olive oil. Perfetto.

Look! I am not afraid of mixing marble with tomato. Take that!

For anyone out there contemplating marble countertops. So do it! Acid schmacid. It’s stone. Who cares if it doesn’t look stay all shiny guido new like granite? Isn’t that why you like marble anyway?

Chinese cabbage pakoras, pizza rolls & broccoli cheddar soup

Broccoli cheddar soup is out of my family’s normal eating zone. Son wouldn’t try it. He got a bye on that one since I know he is not a cheese fan. Daughter ate half a bowl and then declared she didn’t like it. Husband has yet to taste it, although the leftovers are running out so surely it will be on his menu tonite.

The recipe is from one of Kurma’s cookbooks and is simple and straight forward. I didn’t have a lot of cheese so I used a dash of turmeric and nutritional yeast to amplify the effects of what was in my larder. Also, milk. Ooops. I was all out. Meant to get some, but the boy was home sick so that didn’t happen. I had vanilla scented whey (thankfully it didn’t add any vanilla scent to the finished soup) and blended that with a quarter of a block of tofu to act as my milk sub. I used way more salt, black pepper and hing than the recipe called for, but I do that with most recipes. And parsley. The only herb still growing in my garden is oregano.

My son ate three pizza rolls! The rolls were inspired by my friend Kalindi in NC, who’s version is less bready. I will try to approximate that tonite since I need to have a snack on hand for my soccer team tomorrow.

Hope everyone has a delicious evening!


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