Labor Day Weekend

Cake donuts. I've given up on yeasted. This was a trial run for larger quantity happening this coming weekend. Must make moister dough.

Ginger cookies--a fave of my son.

My husband read a news article on Hawaiian pineapple farms use of slave labor. This inspired him to research how pineapples grow. And to buy a slave labored pineapple. One last time. So he could cut it back to the root stem and plant it in a pot. If everything goes according to the online article, he will have a pineapple to share in two years.

My desktop pic is khandvi, dhokla and chatni. So, it wasn't a mystery to my why I was craving khandvi. Haven't made it in a while but only had a 1/2 cup of yogurt in the fridge. Recipe calls for 1.5 cups. Often there is a limit to how much you can reduce a recipe. And then there is all that math involved. I just went on intuition and the result was good stuff!

Not enough yogurt and no mustard seeds! I added some curry leaves to my usual chaunce to get some more flavor. Khandvi without black mustard seed is not perfection, but still i was satisfied.

Our Labor Day lunch: brown rice, palak tofu, artichokes & khandvi. Unfortunately, all leftovers allocated for work and school lunches.

Khandvi Recipe



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5 responses to “Labor Day Weekend

  1. drool….donuts! I love the cake kind…especially blueberry 🙂 And I could have eaten your Labor Day meal on my happy week diet, sans the yummy butter and yogurt of course.

  2. I’m with Christina. I start drooling every time I see your food photos. So yummy! I didn’t know about slavery conditions and pineapple farming. So sad! We stopped by the pineapple farms while in Hawaii, but I don’t think we toured an actual farm. It was a tourism-oriented cute merchandise center.

  3. Saraswati

    I have heard that potato donuts come out very very good.

    • sabjimata

      Pishi was just telling me that! I made banana donuts yesterday that were great….so I can imagine how potato would add softness to the texture. Mmmm what about sweet potato?

  4. Can you please send me a doughnut recipe or two? The one that works best for you? My granddaughter really wants doughnuts.

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