Finished Kitchen: Details!

(Originally I had these links just at the bottom, but what the hell…it’s a lengthy post.)

How I organized my new kitchen!

Before and after pics!

Garden Web Kitchen Forum Link To My Finished Kitchen Page


STYLE:  Modern Classic Island Galley


Schuler (Lowes) Plywood Cabs /

Hampton Door Style /

Maple Wood Divinity Paint / Cherry Wood Chestnut Stain


Carrara Marble (Magma Granite / Ocala)

3 Integrated drainboards / honed island / polished perimeter

8′ x 30″ Tabletop: Sapphire Brown Granite


Kenmore All Fridge (purchased in 2005 from Sears) /

Samsung Dishwasher (Lowes Clearance) /

Broan 60″ Hood (Discontinued / Sears) /

2 30″ Fivestar Dual Fuel Ranges (AJ Madison)


Hakatai Classic Series in Mint Ice / Meadow / Porcelain (white grout)

American Olean White Glossy Subway Tile (gray pearl grout)

Angled Plugmold:

Gray sockets on aluminum (


Avian Fan (Lowes) /

Seagull 76012 Lighting Modern Flush Mount /

Progress Lighting Functional Flush Mount (single light) /

Progress Lighting Functional Flush Mount (double light) /

Kichler 9112 Transitional Single Light Outdoor Wall Sconce /

Fluorescent Undercabinet Lighting (Lowes)


Kingston Brass Wall Mounted Faucets /

Model # KS200SN /

Model # KS3228AX /

Model # KS216SN /

Seisse RO Faucet


Porcher London 30″ Apron Front Fireclay Sink /

6o” Custom  Belvedere Soapstone Double Bowl Sink (M. Teixeira)


Aubrey Pulls & Duluth Pulls 8″ / Satin Nickel (Restoration Hardware) /

Aubrey Pulls & Duluth Pulls 8″ / Antique Finish (custom finish by Horton Brasses) /

Cast Brass Bin Pulls 4″ / Antique Finish & Polished Nickel (Horton Brasses) /

Classic Kitchen Knobs 1.25″ / Antique Finish & Satin Nickel (Horton Brasses)

Diamond Cut Crystal Glass Knob (D. Lawless) /

Octogonal Cut Old Fashion White Milk Glass Knob (D. Lawless)

Open Shelves:

72″ 16-gauge Stainless Steel Restaurant Shelving (The Web Restaurant Store)


Rustic Pre-finished Red Oak    3/4″ x 2-1/4″ (Lumber Liquidators)


Custom Steel Table Base (Gainesville Ironworks)/

Large Wood Table (Purchased 2003 from Pier 1 Outlet)

Wood Chairs (Purchased 2004 from Target)

Aluminum Jailhouse Chairs (Discount Seating)


Sherwin Williams Steamed Milk (Walls) /

Alabaster (Ceiling)


Coqo Floral Curtain in Natural (Anthropologie) /

Dahlia Curtain Holdbacks (Clearance / Curtain Rod Store)


Chris Nietanbach @ Nietanbach Construction 352-246-3098

KD Clinton Moreaux & Lotus @ Moreaux Carpentry 352-339-6801

Shout Outs!

Loved working with Ted & Paula from Magma Granite in Ocala! They gave *excellent* pricing, were super nice to deal with and did an exceptional job on the fabrication.

The internet was my best friend, allowing me to price engineer a killer kitchen at a price point we could swallow.

Orion at Horton Brasses is a sweetheart. This hardware company is family owned and Orion will personally talk to you on the phone, send you cute little cards and just bend over backwards to make your hardware purchase perfect.

My husband is such a generous guy with, thankfully, flawless credit! XOXOXO

Chris, KD and Lotus are the BEST contractors in the Alachua County/Gainesville area. Ridiculously hardworking, strong like oxen, precise and all around gems–these guys are a terrific buy and do amazing work. Love them!

I am extremely happy with how the kitchen turned out. So close to perfection! If I had it to do over again, I would have gotten the cabinets in White Icing, not Divinity (prefer the white white look to creamy white), worked in island seating for the husband to hang out and would paint the walls a different shade of white. We used the same paint that we had elsewhere in the house, but the 1962 walls are plaster and concrete. The paint looks different on the sheet rock and it is driving me slightly crazy. I know it is relatively easy to repaint, but we have other parts of the house that need our love now. Gotta move on. Same thing with the stone dining table. Originally planned for white marble, that didn’t work out, had a granite I could deal with fabricated, an accident happened on the way to the truck and then had to pick a new slab. Not my all time fave, but it is nice, and the husband really likes it. The dark color will make it a prime spot for spreading khandvi.

What I love loVE LOVE?

*The functionality. I am a walking disaster, possibly one of the messiest cooks you will ever meet. Clean up is a cinch in the new kitch. Love the galley layout, which is basically in the same footprint as the original, just longer.

*The soapstone sink, which is not too deep but plenty roomy. Belvedere was not my first choice but it is the hardest soapstone in M. Teixeira’s repertoire and also in the cheapest class category. But you know what? I love it so much now. We are leaving it unoiled

*My marble! For those of you who have kept up with my kitchen obsession on this blog, white marble has an affect on me akin to a dinner of oysters, chocolate and Viagra. Sorry, it’s true. My countertops, especially the honed island where I do most of my work, is like a dream. A very sexy yet soothing dream. It is stone yet it is soft. Evocative of a cloud, pocketbook friendly carrara has a certain translucence and lightness that is divine and inspired. Love it.

*The big sink wall. I love the el cheapo white subway tile. Love the gray grout. So easy to clean. Wall mount satin nickel faucets MMMUH! And the mirror. The mirror was an unauthorized purchase before the green light was given for the remodel. We had no funding. No firmed up plans. Just my vision. And I spotted this beauty at Pier 1 and let me tell you…it was a lot of money for Pier 1. I bought it on the spot and, well, the husband and I were at odds for an entire weekend over it. Ooops.

*Integrated drainboards…yay.

*Hakatai Classic Series Tile. Whenever I showed people the tile sample or pics, they really tried to be polite. I saw it in their strained smiles and read it in between the lines of their courtesy emails. Very few people liked it. They thought the tile was too bathroomy and that the colors were too bright. But I think everyone agrees now that the Hakatai tile choices worked out fabulously, bringing color into the space without kitsch.

*I love the cheap stuff, like my $2 curtain holdbacks, $17 ceiling lights, stainless steel restaurant shelving, Kingston Brass faucets and the magnetic knife holder we recycled from the old and ugly kitchen.

Basically, I am living in my dream kitchen. If you don’t see me out and about, it’s because I would rather be home cooking. Cleaning up…well, not so much.

I am going to work on getting a page up devoted to the remodel, including the worker bees who toiled so hard on what somedays seemed like an endless vortex of monster kitchen–so stay tuned!

In the meantime, here are links to the finished kitch:

How I organized my new kitchen!

Before and after pics!

Garden Web Kitchen Forum Link To My Finished Kitchen Page



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13 responses to “Finished Kitchen: Details!

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  3. padi

    you cook, i’ll clean.

  4. It is absolutely amazing Deva!! I loved this post with all the details. I loved the cabinet organziation post and I can’t wait to do that too. My next post will be a bit of an update on the few things that happened since July to put us at a stall (just not sure when I’ll get to it). Then once all done I can show the final stuff too. However we still need some paint, few handles, new pantry doors and then we should be done. Oh and my pendants are still not here (YIKES).

    I’ve had such a great time following your reno. I laughed when you said you were the messiest cook. Sounds like you and I would be quite the pair cuz I can’t boil water without making a disaster in the kitchen. lol.

    • sabjimata

      Thanks, Charlene! I haven’t posted because of the kitchen fatigue…you know it well! Can’t wait to see your finished kitchen. I know how it drags on, how you start to loose your resolve to get everything perfect, how you just start getting hungry and need to cook.

      Boiling water…yes. I can spread out and make a mess doing practically anything!

  5. You know I *heart* your kitchen, but I absolutely love, love, love how you laid out this post. The thumbnail photos coupled with informative captions. Great info and details for anyone who’s researching kitchens. As for your kitchen, everytime I look at your photos, I see something new to admire. This time it’s how the three clocks echo the larger round mirror on the wall behind. Perfect!

    • sabjimata

      Thanks, Gena. Everyone’s response over at GW (well, the one’s who are posting) is so encouraging. The clocks and the mirror are the only roundness going on in the kitch. All the other lines are linear/rectangular.

      Loving your green cabs and soapstone and Danby counters. Funny thing is, out of the three or four friends I’ve made on GW, you and one other both are doing green at the same time! Guess it’s that quirk factor bringing us all together!

  6. It’s great to see photos of the finished kitchen all together. The hundreds of details are perfectly thought out. I do share your marble love — I feel the same way about mine — but what’s best about it to me is that it’s so you. I adore highly original kitchens, which yours is, and most important you’ve got the kitchen you envisioned and that you love, love, love. Yay!

    Thanks for stopping by to see my orange kitchens. I’m going to try your tortilla recipe, which looks so good.

    Jane F. (PS – we have a new giveaway coming up this week)

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  9. wooden kitchen cabinets are perfect your your home, they look good and can be cleaned easily *,`

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