Quick Lunches

Sometimes I mismanage our leftovers and am left to scramble, last minute, to get together a lunch for The Babu’s work.

This happened twice this week and comes as no surprise to me as I am trying to adjust to life with a first grader with homework, a kindergartener with a reading folder and a pretty full after school schedule of dance, gymnastics, mrdanga, appointments and the usual etcetera.

Rice paper wrappers, God bless you! No cooking required. Just a quick soak and shimmy–makes me feel like I am panning for gold. I had leftover jiaozi filling and was happy to use it in such a simple application. No floured table. No kids turning the crank. Just a plate of water, my finger tips and the delicate wrappers. I fried up some tofu to add to them and, when I ran out of filling, improvised with other provisions.

summer rolls filled with leftover jiaozi filling

summer rolls packed for lunch on a bed of lettuce. the one on the left is filled with lettuce, pan fried tofu, toasted nori and yellow bell pepper.

Couscous. Not really on The Babu’s Top 10 list, but it cooks quickly and is a grain so, you know, deal. To make couscous, simply boil water! Two cups of water per one cup of couscous. Boil water, add couscous, simmer and stir. Off heat. Leave covered. The whole process takes less than 10 minutes. Basically you just want the grains to absorb the liquid.

Now, some may feel it  a cruel punishment to serve couscous with a dry vegetable, but it was late and I was really just feeling like The Babu was blessed that I remembered he needed to eat the next day. High heat and cast iron are my friends at such moments. Tofu, zucchini, tomatoes and the other half of that yellow bell pepper met a tasty fate.

quick and easy: couscous + cast iron veggies and tofu



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2 responses to “Quick Lunches

  1. Kera

    I’ve been using the Vegan Lunch Box cookbook for Gwen’s lunches. This packing lunch stuff is exhausting.

    • sabjimata

      Awww…..little school girl Gwen! My kids I’ve finally figured out: 1 thermos of hot grains and a choice of two of the following: fresh fruit, raw veg, nuts, cheese, pan fried tofu, dried fruit. They’ve requested “three things” be in their lunch. Thankfully the Babu only requires 1! But he does like to have some take-along sweets…

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