Finished Kitchen: Cabinets–Inside & Out

The following people may be interested in this post:

a) someone who wants to rob me of nutritional yeast and coconut oil
b) persons interested in kitchen organization in anticipation of a remodel
c) my husband, who is still learning where everything goes


Finished Kitchen Details Click *HERE*

Sabjimata’s Finished Kitchen on Garden Web Kitchen Forum Click *HERE*



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7 responses to “Finished Kitchen: Cabinets–Inside & Out

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  2. Kera

    Wow! You’ve got LOTS of storage!

    We remodeled our kitchen in December and Chris still doesn’t know where everything goes.

  3. Love all that storage space! Especially the sectioned baking stuff roll out drawer….i so want something like that!

  4. Elizabeth Wittig

    So much storage, so much space and light – beautiful, now how does it look after a cooking session with the little people!

    (Sorry for that – how it looks after a session with little people is what a kitchen is for!)

    Good luck teaching everyone where stuff goes – hope there will not be too many things “on the missing list”

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