Happy 9th Anniversary to Us!

The Babu and I celebrated 9 years of legal marriage on the 15th!

I thought our anniversary was on a Monday and had a whole breakfast feast planned.

And then my mother called on Sunday afternoon to wish us a happy anniversary.

I was a day off.

So, I nixed the idea of serving the Babu leftovers for dinner and got cracking in the kitchen. Remember how I had to make pakoras without chickpea (besan) flour? Well, there I was, working on pasta with no semolina flour.

I felt really dumb. And stupid. And dumb for being that person who doesn’t know what day of the week it is. So, without much thinking or planning, I just started prepping. That doesn’t always work out very well for me but on this day, the clouds were raining and that suited me just fine!

I had planned to make cake, but on such short notice, cookies had to stand in.

I planned a breakfast menu for our anniversary, but I was off by a day. Upon discovering that we were actually experiencing our anniversary day, I got cooking. Here the vegan sausage is ready for steaming.

Vegan Sausaga & Peppers--the sausage is vegan, the ghee used to cook the peppers...not vegan.

I was going to make Chinese dumplings for dinner but then got all confused when I found out it was our anniversary. And I wanted to use my new ravioli rolling pin that came the day we were leaving for our trip. So, raviolis with dumpling filling. It worked.

The filling: spinach, shitake mushrooms, ginger and tofu. I normally don't cook with mushroom but in this case, I made an exception. I was following the basic outline of a recipe given to me on our travels at our favorite vegan Chinese restaurant, Yuan Fu in Rockville.

Next time I need to spread it a teeny bit thinner.

Ready to roll.

It worked!

raviolis drying

The finished raviolis. My son loved them (because he loves the dumplings at Yuan Fu). Between the palak paneer the the day or so before and these dumplings, I was a happy mama getting my kids to eat so much spinach!

Leftover pasta dough never goes to waste!



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2 responses to “Happy 9th Anniversary to Us!

  1. Mary

    Can I just say that the pics you post are so fabulous. To be able to cook like that! 🙂

    • sabjimata

      thanks! i was just thinking how my pictures look gross compared to how the stuff looks in real life. i appreciate the encouragement.

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