Coming Home

It’s been a week since we returned from our ambitious trip north. We visited friends and fam, including my husband’s 98 year old grandmother. She’s doing well and my husband will probably live a very long life, but let me tell you, I don’t envy those genes. Ninety-eight is old, if you know what I mean.

The trip was hard for many reasons, some being that my kids just were sick of being cooped up in the car and, well, I am pregnant and the car was not very fun for me either. Poor poor husband! A huge hardship for me (oh, the drama!) was not being able to get a hot meal when I wanted/needed it. Road trips usually mean lots of snackity snacks but I just want to eat real meals.

So, when we got home in the afternoon, I headed straight to the kitchen. Well, first to the store to buy milk, then to the kitchen. Would have been better if I took some inventory before cooking, since I was missing a few key ingredients (besan), but I subbed and improvised and fried so really, no harm done.

Dinner Guests (my five year old set the table)

Dinner by request. Daughter's pick: palak paneer sabji and paneer pakoras w/bbq sauce. Son's pick: kicahri and chapatis (not shown). Husband's pick: yellow pepper pakoras.

The next day I buckled down and got into full on pregnant woman nesting mode. Everyone got their beds made with Rahu Brown new bedding, garbage bags were filled with cast offs for the thrift shop and the whole place got turned upside down. Unfortunately, I ran out of energy a few days into the project, so the house is still a mess and I am trying to save up energy to get this place together before this new baby comes out. Thankfully, I have about 5 more months to pull that off.

New bedding (well, we've had it for a year but never used it) from Ross Dress for Less.

Up north some really nice friends loaded me up with baby hand-me-downs. Thank you, Lavanga, Seva Priya and Kadamba! I had a great time sorting baby clothes and folding the cottony cuteness for new baby! Also, I raided my mother-in-law’s attic, where Mm’s and Vm’s baby stuff was stashed. Ahhh, looking through their clothes from the first few years of their life really was nostalgic and tear jerking for me. All I can say is baby Bindu is going to look adorable reusing her sister and brothers togs.

Baby Bindu's 0-3 month stuff all washed, folded and ready to go.

I have a few more posts worth of pics to upload. I am hesitant to do so because, truthfully, I am boring even myself. But just out of habit to keep me active and interacting, I am keeping up with this blog. Just forgive me if I kind of suck at the interacting part. Not feeling very energetic or social these pregnant hot Florida days. *Yawn*


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