Hayton Family Bon Voyage Dinner

Our friends Satya Sara and Krishna Bhajan are moving back to England. Due to vacation plans, we weren’t going to be able to make it to their going away party. So, we had them over for dinner.

Their daughter, my BFF Padi, is vegan, so I tried to plan the menu accordingly. Dairy items marked with an *.


Broccoli Rabe
Cheese Raviolis*
Butternut Squash Raviolis w/ Pesto
Cesar Salad
Cherry Shrikand*
Sweet Cherry Pie with Lemon Curd Topping


The vegan lemon curd topping was the perfect accompaniment to the sweet cherry pie, which lacks all the charm of a traditional sour cherry pie otherwise.

Thanks to our guests, Martinelli’s, vegan ice cream and sorbet were also served to the masses of children.

I really will miss SS and KB who have shown nothing but kindness to our children. SS babysat the kids when I was attending classes and, even though she got my daughter hooked on chewing gum and spoiled the kids with candy, she was always extremely loving and kind. And she often cleaned up my kitchen.

Have a great trip to your Motherland!

vegan cherry pie, to be topped with lattice

lunch break: fried bitter melon

homemade raviolis

homemade fettuccine

hostess gift: Ribena squash from our guests

broccoli rabe

vegan entree: butternut squash raviolis w/ pesto

homemade cheese raviolis

ready to serve: homemade fettuccine

sweet cherry pie topped with lemon curd

dinner guests

late comers



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2 responses to “Hayton Family Bon Voyage Dinner

  1. padi

    that was a fab meal…sorry that my little brother consumed it almost all in it’s entirety!

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