First Croissants in New Kitchen

Accidentally, I used bread flour. Not my favorite flour for croissant making. In the past I have had absolutely no luck with it. The high gluten content is, in theory, desirable, but it is trickier to rise in this recipe. I’ve even gone European with it and *weighed* my ingredients as opposed to measure. Still, no luck.

But I didn’t realize it was bread flour until everything was mixed. And even then, I had no AP flour on hand. So, I added more liquid. A lot more liquid, set it outside in the heat to rise and was patient.

Not easy for me.

It rose. A fair amount. Not the poof of pillow fluff expected from AP flour. But good enough. I laminated the dough with butter, stuck it in the fridge and still, it expanded. Hopeful.

After more laminating and rolling out the croissants, I baked them. My son was impatient. Croissant and jam would be his dinner and it was nearing 8pm.

Out of the oven and onto his plate. The family was very satisfied. Me? Not so much. I don’t know if it is the flour or my pregnancy tongue, but the taste is not the taste I was going for. Still, my husband ate three and my son is on his second one. I think my daughter even ate a whole one.

More croissants in the future. The nice thing about cooking–when it doesn’t go perfectly–is that it is the results are temporary…




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5 responses to “First Croissants in New Kitchen

  1. padi

    I have AP flour. Almost always. They look good…

  2. I’ll take the experimental croissants anytime 🙂

  3. I always use bread flour for yeast doughs. Croissants are fun to make — I love turning the dough though I cheat it a little using chopped frozen butter to go faster. Thanks for stopping by my blog — always good to know about a new faucet brand. Jane F.

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