Eggless Raviolis and Ceasar Salad

There will be a repeat performance of this meal next week, with some vegan versions thrown in. Hopefully I will have the time them to really blog about it. In the meantime, enjoy the pictures. It was my first ravioli making ever and my first ravioli tasting in about 15 years!

Cranking out the pasta with a little help from my girl.

This was the most non-electric fun they had all afternoon.

Filling: Brayed paneer and chopped garden fresh flat parsley


Homemade Croutons

Cheese raviolis with a light tomato sauce.

Ceasar Salad--romaine lettuce, celery, kalamata olives, homemade croutons, grilled paneer w/ a dressing of olive brine, olive oil, parmesan and tofu.



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11 responses to “Eggless Raviolis and Ceasar Salad

  1. padi

    wait! repeat!!!?!?!?!?!???? tell me more…

  2. Oh my! My resident Italians would love that dinner.
    You could make tortelloni with that dough by using a ring mold or biscuit cutter.

    • sabjimata

      it turned out really well but i saw an interesting idea online last nite where soft tofu was subbed for egg in the recipe. debating whether or not to surrender to curiosity and mess with success…

  3. Tulasi-priya

    Looks fab. I got rid of my pasta machine years ago, too lazy. Suggestion: oil-cured olives would give your salad that vegan anchovy flavor that is the hallmark of a true Caesar salad. Most people do not like, but we love ’em.

  4. Kera

    Why do my food photos never look as good as yours? It appears your secret is getting up close, no?

    • sabjimata

      honestly, i think mine are looking terrible. the two basic tricks are to use the tulip setting on the camera (macro) and try to get it in natural light. my kitchen down here has hardly any (the window is a sliver). our upstairs kitchen (the apartment) has huge windows and lots of natural light. that is where all my good pics were.

  5. Oh My—that looks friggin awesome!! I’m saving my pennies to get the pasta attachment for my Kitchen Aid. I am so gonna try some ravioli (some day, I hope).

  6. Are you going to post your homemade pasta recipe or do you have that up somewhere already?

    • sabjimata

      CR, I just used the recipe on the semolina flour bag. I don’t have a bag handy right now but I am almost certain the recipe is:

      1 c semolina flour
      1/4 c white flour
      3-4 T water
      2 T olive oil.

      Knead for ten minutes. 20 minutes resting time.


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