Beans, Donuts and Frosty Shrikand

Our life has been lacking order, quality time and sweets. So I am really trying, despite feeling old and pregnant and totally impatient at times, to correct that.

Order is rough. Still getting stuff put away but with a throbbing varicose vein (sexy) I am not that ambitious.

Quality time. Bought some glue. Spilled some beans on a plate. Outlined a shark. Go! My son likes crafties, so I got him started on a second bean mosaic. Remember the first?

Some people like to boil their beans, others like to glue them.

He’s very proud of his shark and I think it turned out great.

Sweets. Not having a proper kitchen set-up has been an austerity for our family because it has meant no baked goods. On occasion, we’ve bought donuts from Maintrini, the best donut maker in my book. But, my son loves them so much, he wanted me to recreate the sweet mapley goodness at home. I tried. It didn’t work out so well. But still, we ate them.

Vegan donuts...C+. Still, I ate at least 4.

Eggless donuts. The oil started getting too hot and these were a bit darker than the vegan ones. Grade....C-.

My pet project usually involves shrikand. I had a master plan for perfecting the perfect frozen shrikand recipe, but then I bought a bunch of cherries on sale at Publix and thought, what the hell, let me just wing it. I gathered my ingredients, let my five year old daughter cup up the cherries, and shoved it all in the ice cream maker.

Hung yogurt, sweet cherries, Tahitian vanilla bean and turbinado.

Into the ice cream maker...

Cuisinart ice cream maker, purchased with Cashback Rewards Points. Jury is still out whether or not this was a good purchase.

The flavor was excellent. The texture….hmmm. Straight out of the ice cream maker, it was very gelato-ish. I put it in the freezer overnite and then it was super hard. Maybe a little too hard. But the taste was divinity. Tart and rich, like the frozen yogurt I had as a kid at Saks with my mom. Not all fat-free skinny assed like the frozen yogurt being sold in chains across America.

The final product: Tahitian Vanilla Bean Cherry Frozen Shrikand

With both the donuts and frozen shrikand, I need to experiment more. But before that, I should probably get everything put away.

Other things cooked this week–lots of buckwheat cake, with cherries thrown in for some extra summer sweetness, artichokes (of course) and a killer stuffed baked potato made with pepper jack cheese. The dinner table tonite will include some fresh organic kale and a lovely green salad. Calcium, iron and folic acid makes for a happy baby in-utero.



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7 responses to “Beans, Donuts and Frosty Shrikand

  1. Babhru

    Yum, frozen shrikhand! (Quality control is close at hand!)

    And yes, Mantrini has pretty much set the standard for doughnuts.

    • sabjimata

      it’s in a pyrex w/a blue lid in the chest freezer if you would like to help yourself…but you have to leave it out for about 40 minutes to get it a scoopable consistency ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. do you use the mashed potato doughnut recipe? Its really good but needs to be refrigerated overnight so preplanning is required.

  3. Let me know what you decide about the ice cream maker. I’ve been thinking of getting one myself. Once I have a kitchen again, of course. I don’t know what shrikhand is, but that looks delicious. Those cherry swirls! Yum! And I have to say that your doughnuts look mighty tasty too. They might only taste C+, but they look A+.

    Cute shark! I’m going to have to borrow the bean mosaic idea. Again. Once I have my house back.

    • sabjimata


      Shrikand is hung yogurt…so the whey gets dripped out and you get thick creamy goodness.

      I want to try it with some stabilizer, like xantham gum.

      The consistency out of the machine is very gelato-ish, which is not a bad thing, but it was melting right away. Stabilizer should help that.

      One thing I really like about the ice cream maker is that you can just do it on a whim bc of the built in compressor. I do a lot of half assed stuff in the kitchen that way, While the results are not supreme, it is good when trying to entertain kids (as you must know).

      Bean mosaics are a craft you can feel sort of okay about. I kind of hate crafts for all the waste they produce…but at least beans decompose ๐Ÿ˜‰

  4. I’ve been thinking of getting an ice cream maker but now I will have to think about it. The donuts look YUMMO!

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