Eggless Zucchini Bread Recipe

(not my pic, but it will look like this)

It’s zucchini time! Or so I read on Facebook. We had tiny carrots, beans, nasturtium, bell pepper, chilies, herbs and tomatoes. Even our cabbage is growing, although it better hurry up because we want to till everything under. But zucchini. Zucchini! The idiots crop. Did nothing in our sad little plot. Well, it flowered. And I did contemplate cooking with those flowers. But no. I have no sense of flower gender so I left the blossoms alone. And my payoff? Nothing.

But that’s not to say your plot or CSA box is not overwhelmed by zucchinis. It most likely is, which is why  my husband refuses to join a CSA. He doesn’t even want the small box.

Here is a great zucchini bread recipe adapted from the Better Homes & Garden Cookbook and made famous by my friend Kadamba. The recipe is for a loaf pan but feel free to make it in a cake pan. And feel free to drizzle a frosting made of condensed milk and powdered sugar over the top while it is still hot. Or just a straight up powdered sugar and milk (or water for you vegans without a well stocked pantry) frosting over it once cooled. Plain is pretty nice, too.

Here is the now famous zucchini bread recipe.  If I recall right, Kadamba mixed it up a little…using some whole wheat and some white.  Therefore, she had to add more liquid, which I think she did in the form of milk.  When making the bread here, she used yogurt as the egg substitute but ground flaxseed gooed up in some water would probably work well also.

Eggless Zucchini Bread Recipe / Vegan -izeable Zucchini Bread Recipe

1.5 c flour (you can mix it up with your flours, but may need to add liquid if you use whole grains…usually it is 1 tb liquid for 1 c whole wheat)

1 tspn cinnamon

1/2 tspn bake soda

1/4 tspn bake pwdr

1/4 tspn salt

1/4 tspn nutmeg

1 c sugar

1 c shredded zucchini

1/4 c oil

2 TB yogurt or 1 recipe flax egg

1/4 tspn lemon peel (this is nice but if you don’t have a lemon on hand, forge ahead)

1/2 c walnuts (pecans are lovely, too)

Mix it up. After getting batter in tin, you may choose to sprinkle top with large crystalled turbinado sugar.

Bake at 350 for 55 minutes in a loaf pan. If using a cake pan, bake for 35-40 minutes.



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15 responses to “Eggless Zucchini Bread Recipe

  1. Varacita

    My zucchini plants did not fare any better. Lots of flowers and only a handful of zucchinis. And I had a lot of recipes ready since I expected a bumper crop. Maybe the fall crop will be better….

  2. Kera

    I have zucchini galore in my garden. My favorite zucchini bread is more like a cake and has blueberries and chocolate chips in it. Yummy. Although I made it 3 times already and I think we’ve had enough. So back to making zucchini “crab” cakes and shredding it into every salad and pasta dish possible.

    • sabjimata

      Your garden is an inspiration. I love zucchini in tomato sauce, zucchini with butter and grilled zucchini. I don’t know how I would handle zucchini with chocolate, though 😉

  3. A question in the guise of a comment even though it has nothing to do with your post.

    I have a real chokeberry bush, NOT a chokecherry, with a quart or so of berries on it in its second year of life. Through research i have found that although they seem to be ripe, there is no hurry to pick them as they are so tart the birds won’t eat them and they will persist until after frost. Because of the persistent berries, the nice flowers in the spring,and fall coloration of leaves, they are usually grown as an ornamental but can be used for sauce or jelly.

    I got a recipe for chokeberry sauce which follows. My question is why does it need pectin if it is for sauce? Isn’t pectin about jelling? Why would sauce need to be jelled?

    Chokeberry Syrup

    7 cups juice
    1/2 cup lemon juice
    1 package pectin
    6 cups granulated sugar

    Wash fruit and cover with water; simmer 15 minutes. Strain juice. Measure juice into a 6- to 8-quart kettle. Add pectin and stir. Bring to boil, add sugar, stir, and bring to a rolling boil. Boil exactly 2 minutes. Skim and pour into jars.

    • sabjimata

      I agree that pectin seems extraneous for a sauce recipe. It is probably there to yield consistent, more commercial results. I would do it without, however.

      If you were to use pectin, I recommend Pomona’s Pectin, available online and at natural food stores. The Sure-Jell stuff is full of unnatural chemicals and sugar, plus, it requires way more sugar because it is actually dependent upon sugar for jelling. The Pomona’s Pectin is citrus derived and won’t work if you use a lot of sugar.

  4. Mrs. Barber

    Um, so I followed the recipe and added the 1 cup of milk. HAHAHAHA! Not right! It was thin and watery, so I checked the BHG recipe:

    No milk in that recipe! LOL!

    As to not throw out that batter (and 1/2 cup of pecans!), I added more (about 1 cup combined) GP flour, spelt and doubled the bak soda/pwdr. It turned out great–very cakey. I should have added more salt, but other than that, happy accident.

    The correct recipe loaf is in the oven now. 🙂

    • sabjimata

      whoops! yeah, my recipe doesn;t call for milk but i have 1 c milk written in the margin. will fix. thanks, l.!

  5. Oh, how I wish I had time to try out some of your recipes…

  6. Rukmini Priya

    HK – I never thought I would bake with zucchini, tried it and loved
    it. Thanks a bunch:)

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