Huff Post Food Today

milking that camel

There was just too much in the HuffPo Food section today that was share-worthy….so here we are.

Ready for the *other white milk?* Sue Manning reports on camel milk in California.

I am not so interested in junk schools and junk food–too much corporate machinations to wrap my head around and most articles fall flat of even attempting to clue us in. But the picture chosen to accompany this Michelle Locke piece is a gem: a hamburger on a donut. Can’t pass up checking that out!

Yet another article on the alcohol content of kombucha and how you may have to show proof of age to buy it.

And here are a few tips how po’ folk like me with a huge kitchen payment can afford to buy organic. I didn’t find any great money saving revelations here, but maybe it will encourage some of you. Personally, we buy our bulk stuff organic and the cheaper produce. Fresh is best is our motto, so we do try to buy local produce and wash it up real good.



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2 responses to “Huff Post Food Today

  1. I am nauseous just thinking about camel milk

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