Punch List

Today no cooking was done in la cocina, except for pan roasting some puffed lotus seeds (makhana) for my kids’ dinner. They absolutely adore this simple treat and should be grateful to my friends Ajay and Sashi whom I met in Vrindavan, otherwise I would never know about this edible, nutritiously void styrofoam that is an all time fave in my family.

All four of us went to the big city of Orlando today, where we ate an unsatisfying meal at the Garden Cafe and I vowed to never eat out in Florida again. Why? The food always is sub-par, the places are either visibly dirty or I can just imagine the dirt behind the kitchen door barf and it is way way way too costly. I am not one to keep vows, but still, it’s a good sentiment to cultivate. I should at least hold out for something really good.

Afterwards, we went to see The Last Airbender. The kids and the Babu are big fans of the cartoon. The Mata usually avoids watching cartoons. The Babu and the Mata have only been to one movie since 1992 (I think longer for the Babu) and that was without the kids. So, this was our children’s first experience “going to the movies.” I was worried my son would be freaked out by the big screen action, but he handled it like a champ, only asking to leave the theatre when he new the Moon Spirit was going to be murdered. Since the kids knew everything that was going to happen from the animated series, it was a good choice for a first time. Vm, who is sensitive to loud noises, despite being the origin of many a screech and a howl, had problems with the volume, as did I.

All in all, a good time. I actually liked the movie and fell a little bit in love with Uncle Iroh and cried when Yue returned her spirit back to the Moon Spirit. God, I’m pregnant. Didn’t like the dough faced boy who played Aang and felt that there must be many of young, unknown, cheap child actors out there that actually have talent who would better capture an audience and make me happier as a viewer. But all the disses I’ve read about the special effects and writing must be from the perspective of a movie-going-sophisticate, because this country bumpkin audience member liked it. And I categorically dislike science fiction/fantasy, save for a few classics from my trove of youth nostalgia.

We got home around 7:30 and Lotus, who had been here since early morning, was taking off. He put up the scribe molding and shoemold on the white cabs, hung my shelves, mirror and clocks, and did some other stuff that I can’t think of right now. A piece of filler above the dishwasher, shoemold around the island, and some cabinet modifications (adding shelves and tray dividers) are all that’s left. For Lotus. I still have to finish putting stuff away, despite the eight hours I spent working on that yesterday, and husband has door painting and touch up work–lots and lots of touch up work. Oh, and Chris has to come back and install the kitchen RO faucet once the marble guys come to move the hole (don’t ask).

Kitchen blah blah blah kitchen blah blah my blah kitchen blah.

The place is a mess, but let’s take a look anyway. Shall we?

Stainless steel restaurant shelves with trial run of colorful stuff on them.

Seventy two inch wide stainless steel restaurant shelves were not the most streamlined design out there, but they were definitely the cheapest. Not entirely sure what exactly will find a home there, but I am sure I need to clean those things up tomorrow. I think it goes nicely with the stainless steel monster hood and, in this application against teal tile and above white cabinets with a soft and cloudy marble top, does not look too industrial.

Yet another angle. Have not done any cleaning off of the shelves. Or the stuff on them.

Inside the white cabinets below the shelving are our dishes. As my friend Samba once joked, it looks like I knocked over a restaurant supply shop. The dishes were cheap, but not that cheap!

Inside the cabinets: white stoneware. I have more for the bottom shelf, don't worry.

I love the Lenox bone china pattern *Chirp* but $145 a setting makes me squawk. When I came across these stoneware dishes at Pier 1 late last winter, I became a bit unhealthily obsessed. The dishes never appeared on the website and I regularly visited Pier 1 to make sure they were still in stock. One day, the very nice manager who never hired me despite my charm and the fact that I did fill out a resume, informed me that they were not getting any more dishes in this pattern–don’t know what it is called, other than “Made in Indonesia.” Despite my husband disliking these dishes for their blatant lack of symmetry, I bought them. It was a lot of money to shell out and my husband handled it well because he knew I…had a problem. Officially, these dishes were the first purchase for the kitchen.

My good china, which is actually stoneware. The mugs are dolomite and were made by Powell Peralta.

The dolomite mugs (yeah, that’s right dolomite…I have no idea why) don’t exactly match and were in another part of the store but they are so cute and 1950’s and avian that I snatched them up, too.

Another early purchase for the kitchen although these were over a period of a few months, were vintage Seth Thomas advertising clocks off of Ebay. They were not at all expensive, although one was listed at $60 and I went behind Ebay’s back and contacted the seller directly and got a *much* lower price. I really like them. They make the wall less boring. A worry was that they were going to drive us crazy because how would three vintage clocks keep precise time in unison? Very well, thank you. That is, if we could set them to tick in unison. The crank for moving the hands is a bit stiff and jerky, so one is a minute off. Or maybe my husband just didn’t do it right. Oh, husband! That’s a joke xxoxox.

Vintage Seth Thomas wall clocks. My husband just doesn't understand.

Mirror. That was the second thing I bought for the kitchen. And also from  Pier 1. The mirror was a little pot hole in our marriage for a weekend because I really didn’t consult with my husband on this purchase at all. I barely consulted with myself! I just went for it, because I knew it would seamlessly fit into the kitchen grand master plan. And, lordy, I was right. Unfortunately for me, the mirror was expensive and , well, I just shouldn’t have done that. Gotta think, people! But in the end, husband really likes the mirror. Awwww, love the husband!

Mother of pearl mirror above kitchen sink mounted high enough to avoid splashes. And the reflection of the short Jewish Italian woman who will be cooking here.

The old kitchen was so dark and dreary and dismal and Sadowski that I had to lighten things up as much as possible. Since, convention has it, the kitchen sink is usually under a window, I decided that the mirror would be my window…into my soul. No, I can’t even see into the mirror because I am way too inferior in my gene pool.

A little fleur-de-lis-y.

Mess sweet mess. At least the mess these days is a cleaner, dustless kind. More like clutter. I have a lot of kitchen stuff. A lot of crappy kitchen stuff. Hoping one day to upgrade and to relegate much of what we own to our “camping kitchen” box. But that probably won’t happen until baby is in school and I have a j-o-b. Oh! Which reminds me….this is really exciting. Oh wait, I will save it for a separate blog post!

Just a fraction of the mess left to unpack, wash and put away.



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14 responses to “Punch List

  1. LOVE the stainless steel shelves. They would look so good with some white milk glass on it and some really fun colourful bowls. The mirror is to die for. I need to start going to Pier 1 I think. And hello….the turquoise fan and the china dishes~~SWEET! Love the colour of all your tile. Everything is looking amazing!

    • sabjimata

      Charlene, I so thought of you when I took the pic of my fan, oh, Queen of Tag Sales! Okay, going over to your blog now to check your remodel…thanks for the love!

  2. acarya

    I have only had makhana in khir. What else do you do with it?

  3. Cristina

    loving the mirror 🙂

  4. Babhru

    Where do you get puffed lotus seeds? India Bazaar?

    And, c’mon–give, Deva!

  5. Can I just say how much I love, love, love your kitchen?? That mirror is so fabulous. And the way the tiles work together. And the very cool stainless shelves. I can’t believe how close you are to being completely and absolutely done. One thing I wondered is if you have friends or family in other countries. It might be fun to set two clocks to other time zones. It would relieve the keeping perfect time pressure.

    A bit off-topic. I’m glad to read one positive review of the Last Airbender. My son loves that cartoon, and has been looking forward to the movie forever. I was disappointed to read the awful reviews. We were planning to wait for the dvd. Maybe I’ll take him after all.


    • sabjimata

      Thanks, Gena! I am overwhelmed by how well it is turning out. When it was in the “conception stage,” I felt like whenever I put my ideas out there, people would just kind of whistle and turn the other way. Actually, the main guy on the job–who has not been here since the tile started going up–came by over the weekend to do the faucets and was *shocked* by how things were looking. He admitted that when I first showed him my tile choices, he thought I was nuts.

      Go see Aang. Your kids will like it. It is violent but not gory.

  6. This is Denicast from Gardenweb and can I say how I love your kitchen. We are also going to get stainless steel shelving, but longer — 84 inches. Of course, the mirror is fabulous. We are currently bracing ourselves for a mini-remodel and your kitchen is inspiring me!

    It is also cool you are fans of The Last Airbender cartoon, which we have been watching off Netflix on-Demand. My son saw the live action movie and loved it, but he is 6.5 years old so every kids movie is “awesome.”

    Be well.

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