Inch By Inch, Row By Row

One wall of tile grouted, one item crossed off the punch list.

Below are pics of our el cheap-o American Olean white gloss 3 x 6 subway tiles, $.23 a tile @ Lowe’s. The guys used Mapei Pearl Gray un-sanded grout. Looks like a million bucks, but it cost only $1.84 a square foot!

I went with the gray grout with white subway tile to evoke a very classic look. Totally, you know, subway. Across the galley, the small glass mosaic tiles simultaneously echo that classic feel while making good on their modern aesthetic.

Another great thing about the subway tile is that it was a cinch to install. KD got it set very flat. Lotus and KD faced some challenges with the Hakatai Classic Mosaics I purchased. They are cheap and thin and, apparently, a PITA to work with. Thankfully, despite my pickiness, I am always up for some wabi-sabi, organic, human made -ness. Nothing is perfect in the material world, unless  you are ready to embrace the imperfections as signature beauty–unique and unrepeatable. Much like Anjelica Huston’s face. This may be why I was never a successful pujari when I lived in the temples, pleased to always include a sad, wilted flower in the Deities’ garlands–after all, every living entity deserves a chance to be loved and cherished. This mentality makes for a much better teacher/lover/artist/cook than perfectionist.

So, if you are looking for pics of gray gout, white subway tiles, marble countertops, cream cabinets…well, look on! More pictures are promised once the faucets go in, which should be tomorrow. Please note that the grout has yet dried in these snaps, so it should be a shade lighter tomorrow. However, without much natural sunlight on this wall, I don’t know how well the camera would even pick up on that.

white subway tile, gray grout, cream cabinets

Mapei Pearl Gray Un-sanded Grout



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4 responses to “Inch By Inch, Row By Row

  1. Cristina

    Awww…you are too sweet! A soft spot for wilty flowers. 🙂
    There was this knitting passage I read once about an Indian tribe that would knit in at least one mistake so as to not be boastful or perfect.

  2. Awesomeness on the kitchen progress!! Funny…you and I will be opposite….I have white on the counters (quartz) and marble subway tile on the back splash.

    Geez, you are moving right along. We are just at the end of 12 weeks and have a few more to go. There’s been some big lag times over here…mostly waiting for the cabs to be built and painted but once the counters come (next week? fingers crossed) things will get moving along to the finishing touches. Yay.

    • sabjimata

      Charlene, I had marble subs in my last kitchen. You will love it! Marble is so soothing to look at. Are you getting carrera? What color grout? We had white (not bright white) grout. I really liked the look of the grout better when it was wet. It was a really really really soft light gray and made the tile work really defined. The white looked good, too though, when dried…just a different look. What materials are your counters going to be?

      It does not feel like we are moving along since the last few weeks have been at a snail’s pace. But soon! I will have my kitchen (and life) back.

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