Tile & Table

Financial update: Credit union guy called to say he was leaving the office, waiting on our file but wanted to know a good time to call tomorrow. He was very courteous.

We are not so worried. Our unsold PA house deserves a refinance since the rate is not so great and it is a 5 year arm that is soon to expire. So, that seems to be our newest back up plans. You know what they say about best laid plans….that’s why we are not doing so much planning right now 😉

Tile is almost done. All up. Grouting is in order. Tomorrow.

Our table is finally done. The guys brought the slab yesterday, but the table bowed under the weight. Back to the iron smiths (is that what they call themselves?). KD brought the table there this morning and picked it up this afternoon. KD and Lotus lifted the 500 lb slab onto the table base and now we have a pretty table.

Here are pics. I am off to study with my son for a geography bee tomorrow.

Our kitchen tile. White, Mint Ice, Meadow, Porcelain. Subway tile with get gray grout, glass mosaic will get an off white.

Our granite table. Base custom made by Gainesville Ironworks. Top Sapphire Brown granite.

Sapphire Brown Granite....not my first choice. Not my second choice. Third string rookie.

Browns in the granite marry well with the chestnut stained cherry cabinets, although the flash kind of ruined the moment.



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3 responses to “Tile & Table

  1. Love. It. So glad I can see your gorgeous kitchen coming together. Gives me some hope that my demolished mess will someday look like a working space again.

    • sabjimata

      Thanks Gena. Nice to see some kind words from a GW forum member. I feel like after my latest post over there people are like, “You dipshit! How could you have thought spending $80,000 on a kitchen would increase the value of your house!” LOL. I guess I am not as good as being a grown up as many of them are.

      Can’t wait to relive all the mess and drama through your remodel on your blog 😉

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