Kitchen Update

Unfortunately, not much to update. The tile should be completed by the end of this week. Hoping faucets and range hood get put up by then, too. Lots of little finish work here and there, as well as painting of some doors. But after two months since demo, I will consider the kitchen done once my faucets are in and I can start properly cleaning and putting stuff away.

Of course, we still have to eat. Saturday I decided that I could not live another minute without a couple of gallons of rice pudding on hand. So….two gallons of milk later, a few vanilla beans scraped and multiple cups of sugar dumped, me and my growing girth had rice pudding. I finished it off this morning for breakfast.

Vanilla bean rice pudding served with Georgia peach

Our garden! It is like an extension of our kitchen, although it has not been very bountiful this year. Our soil could use some conditioning. Nevertheless, the kids love it and the herbs have done really well. My son’s sunflower flourishes and tomatoes are plentiful enough to keep the front of my daughter’s shirt squirted with tiny red seeds.

My son's dwarf sunflower. This particular plant has about 12 flowers blooming!

Homegrown tomato. We pick and eat as they grow. Hardly ever make it into the kitchen.

Beans? Peas? Kind of both.

The morning of 4th of July, my family headed to Lake Alice for a morning stroll through the drizzle. Venumadhava had a great time climbing trees and Madhumati had a great time picking flowers, a step up from picking her nose, for sure!

We came across huge elderberry bushes the size of trees and I immediately got that crazed jelly look in my eyes. Conservation area? Whatever! This was rampant elderberries, ripe for the picking. Unfortunately, these must be of the red variety because they were absolutely tasteless. Good for dyeing but lousy for jelly making. Ho-hum.

Elderberries @ Lake Alice

Dinner. We eat it. Yesterday, the husband and I went shopping and bought my favorite tofu, Tree of Life. Love to eat this stuff raw, just slice and chew. It is great in salads. The husband does not love to eat it raw, so I dutifully cooked some for dinner.

Tree of Life: My new favorite tofu.

We are still really low on kitchen organization so again I stuck with fresh garden herbs, Braggs, hing, salt, pepper, paprika, Old Bay Seasoning (I know) and buttah. Lots and lots of buttah.

Last nite's dinner. Fettuccine in a whole wheat spelt flour bechamel sauce with broccoli, corn on the cob and pan fried tofu served with smoky chopped tomatoes.

Countertops are in so technically I should be open to baking. However, I am still holding out for sinks. Hopefully everything will be in order by Friday since I am committed to making croissants for my friend, Adi Gopi’s baby shower brunch on Sunday. Here we are below, trying to compare baby bellies.

Pregnants. Tried to get a comparative belly shot, but the height differential made it impossible



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4 responses to “Kitchen Update



  2. brooke

    Did you know ‘butterfly’ in Japanese is ‘cho-cho’?

    Tonight was my monthly ASD MNO (my heart pit-a-pats for these women!) and I told my new friend about you. She’s really metaphysical and made me think of you … in case your ears were burning, or anything. We met at a rooftop restau in the rocky mtns — so gorgeous! I have to pinch myself we get to live here.

    Yuji LOVES rice pudding so I am going to use your recipe! I’m so excited, Sabjimata! I really like using the So Delicious unsweetened coconut milk — it has great mouth feel and body. Sometimes a recipe needs even more fat (uh-oh), so to that I’ll add the cream you skim off the top of canned coconut milk.

    So vegans aren’t necessarily healthy, ’cause that coconut milk / cream is a killer! But it is soooo good.

    Thank you for posting the recipe and I am DYING to see more pics of your kitchen. Pretty please! xoxo

    • sabjimata

      Brooke–I LOVE coconut milk! Who says fat is unhealthy? With this pregnancy, I seem to be hotwired to seek out all and every fat.

      Backsplash is going up. Hopefully kitchen will be really done by end of week. We just had some “are you kidding me” news. We need to have the house reapppraised so we can pay off the credit card debt for the kitch. The lady at the bank told us to call one week before completion for the appraisal. Well, husband called yesterday…and she was like…unless you added sq footage to your house, the value will not change. What???

      My husband was forceful enough that they are going to send an appraiser out…but holy crap…we spent all this $$$ and this woman was telling us that it adds NOTHING to the house??? Whoa.

  3. Brooke

    Well, you’re seeking out fat because you are an awesome mother with another brilliant, healthy, fabulous child on the way! I seek it out ’cause it feels *good* … not saying that’s bad, but the ultimate result is not quite as monumental. Unless you count size Large elastic waist wants as monumental. ??? (truthfully, the elastic waist part is because R. and his “special” classmates are all pant-leg pullers, and I’d rather have my pants slide down my hip or butt than have a seam torn — some of these kids, inc. mine, are STRONG!)

    Sabji, I am working so fucking hard on cleaning up my language. Oops! I slipped already (I know, totally puerile attempt at humor), but I am sitting here literally shaking my head with various iterations about f*ing bank. Of course they’re going to do what makes them the best potential for the most money, and talking out of both sides of their mouth is one way to do it. I don’t think I’m stretching here but it’s like the banking giants who, while buying up all these Toxic Assets also hedged against said Toxic Assets, so however it worked out they’d be smelling like a billion dollar rose.

    It makes NO SENSE that a huge kitchen remodel would not change the value of your house — everyone with a live red blood cell count knows that. Notice I did not include bankers in that statement. We did a mortgage refi last year (better rates) and I was surprised (not in a happy way) with the number the appraiser came back with. In all fairness (hate being fair), when he came over he made a point of telling me that an appraisal has nothing to do with what someone would buy our house for — the market value is almost always higher than for what it’s appraised. I know what I am describing is insane & inane, because the whole point of the appraisal is for the bank to know what it could get for your house if you default, and what they’d get is market value, which is more than the appraisal, and on and on and on. I think I just slipped down the rabbit hole. But I think what the bank lady told you is poppycock: the price per sq ft of your house will change because of the remodel’s (inc. new windows) value, and that changes the ultimate value of your house. Duh, bank lady! (whom I’m sure is a v. nice lady and just towing the company line)

    However, I am SO EXCITED about the backsplash (love you, green) and seeing the finish line. Hip hip hurrah, kitchen!

    I am really proud of your husband for being forceful. Yea, Mr. Sabji! And not to sound stalkery, but you really are so photogenic. I am in complete awe of that gift.

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