The Big F-I-V-E

Today is my girlie’s fifth birthday! She was born at 6:56pm five years ago today at a birth center in Chapel Hill. We loved her from the start, although she definitely surprised us with her spunkittude.

Conceived in Philly, born in Chapel Hill, first year and a half in Hillsborough, NC, another two at Gita Nagari followed by our big move to Alachua almost two years back–this girl has seen her way around the east coast. She is the last vestige of our gypsy life. New baby will be stuck in Florida for at least a decade. Mm’s birthday is definitely a big deal–she starts kindergarten in the fall. But, as my girth grows and I look forward to hearing new baby’s heart beat in a few weeks, I realize my baby girl is soon to become a middle child.

*Sigh* She will make a great middle.

For her birthday, she has plans. Big plans. Mainly plans about directing plays. Plays adapted from coloring books. In all the plays, she’s Radharani. Even if Radharani isn’t in the coloring book. She has assigned roles to her friends, who have yet to be informed about their participation.

The plays, however, will have to wait. Although today is her birthday, we are unsure when the actual party will take place. I need countertops! Thankfully, we are able to purchase a vegan chocolate cake from Amaradha to celebrate this milestone.

Did I mention chocolate cake is part of Madhumati’s birthday plan?



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6 responses to “The Big F-I-V-E

  1. Kera

    Happy 5th Birthday!

  2. Leslie Howard

    I wonder if you’ll have a more earthy child now that you are settling in somewhere. That is what happened to me. Love the pictures!

    • sabjimata

      I just think it is so weird that this child will have such a different background of experiences than the other two. Wouldn’t hurt if the kid was mellow.

  3. Happy 5th birthday! I have a 5-year-old girlie too. Such a fun age! (Well…all ages are fun…and sometimes not-so-fun, but it has been amazing to see her blossom into a very interesting and wise little person.) She’s also a middle and usually a very good middle.

    • sabjimata

      Encouraging! My girile is really trying to test us right now. But I think her sassafras is super cute šŸ™‚

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