Apron Front Farm Sink Cabinet Modification Pics

Skip right over this post. Go on. It’s not for you. You will find this post boring. Blah. Blah blah blah.

But. If you are in the process of installing an apron front farm sink–Shaws, soapstone, stainless, whatever–well, then I know you are loving this. This is your post. You are the reason I snapped these pictures.

Modify. Reinforce. Words you know. Words you understand. Words you want hammered to the underside of your sink. But how? What is the best way? What is the neatest least ugly most tidy way to modify those sink base cabs.

Well, take a look. Mine were done fabulously.

The double base cabs (30″) that hold the almost 500 lb soapstone sink were reinforced along the sides while the white Porcher London fireclay sink had a little shelf built for the back of the sink to rest upon and sides were reinforced.

That’s it.

Twin 30" Schuler sink bases, modified with reinforced sides for 60" soapstone apron front farm sink.

Top view, modified sink base.


60" soapstone sink, installed.

Cabinet modified for fireclay sink.

Cabinet scribed for sink.

Lotus did an excellent job scribing to the curves of the sink.


Pride and joy--homegrown carrots.


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