Artichokes & Countertops

Posting. Haven’t been doing it. Nausea. House mess. Kids. Summer. Hornet sting. Allergic reaction. Pregnancy. The usual.

But here I am! With a bunch of pictures from this week!

I did not want to cook in my kitch until all was said, done, and packed away–however, people are hungry. Myself included. And my ranges…my Fivestar superstar sexstar ranges just make me want to cook and cook and cook. It’s just so much easier cooking with access to 168,000 BT F’ing U’s! Okay, so I don’t have all 8 burners going at once. But I could if I wanted to.

Fast. Furious. That’s how my flame burns. Need wider pots. What’s that smell? No plastic handles! Haven’t cooked with this much heat in years. Loving it.

The highlight of the week, gastronomically speaking, was the braised artichokes inspired by this NYTimes Bittman recipe.

House is getting cleaned up. We can now see the floor and it is lovely. Yes, the boards are only 2&1/4 inches wide. Yes, it is red oak. But it sparkles. Red oak is the little black dress of our house.

Yesterday saw a sample of the honed marble. Sheer romance. Only the island will be honed. Perimeter cabinets are getting polished carrera. Lovely lovely white marble. We will seal the marble so my lips do not stain the surface from the mad rush of kisses I will smother upon it.

Waiting for it all to be over. We are running out of money. Counting the hours until the house is ours again. Is that Freedom Rock Man? Well, TURN IT OFF!

At the start of the week.

Kitchen in use, no countertops.

Dinner to be cooked. Ingredients scarce. Kitchen stuff still packed away. Sabjimata Ginger Jam, miso and peanut butter mixed for a pasta sauce.

The finished dish: pan fried tofu, macaronis and wilted spinach.

Artichokes, before choke removed.

Trying out a braised artichoke recipe, gleamed from a recent Mark Bittman NYTimes column.

Happy Father's Day!

Another day, another meal. Usually I make paneer (fresh cheese curds) with citric acid, but with my citric acid packed away, I went for lime juice. The lime juice imparted the most divinely subtle, grassy sweet flavor. Mmmm.

My BTU's rock! 21,000 BTU's per burner, eight burners total. Much can be accomplished in a short amount of time, provided the prep work is all done in advance. These pan fried potatoes, made with a scant amount of butter and olive oil, became nice and crusty, despite being desperately overcrowded in the skillet.

The meal: fresh paneer in tomato sauce, quinoa, pan roasted potatoes and skillet cooked brussel sprouts. *Sigh.* Noticed the pressure treated poison plywood countertops?

Pictures from today!

Loving my simple red oak prefinished flooring.

Boxes of tile stacked and waiting for the countertops to arrive.

Table in place.

View from dining room into living room. You can see where the old, stained red oak meets up with the new, unstained flooring.

Countertops coming Tuesday. There is not enough marble for the tabletop, so I am getting a granite. Blue pearl would have looked good, picking up the gray in the soapstone sink and the cool tones in the carrera marble, but Ted @ Magma Granite didn't have any slabs on hand.

So....the stone I chose for the table top is bianc noir. It is not a very popular granite but I love it for it's classic tombstoneness. Ted offered me kashmir white but I think it would simultaneously compete with the carrara and be too matchy matchy.



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6 responses to “Artichokes & Countertops

  1. Denise

    Your kitchen is looking exquisite – I can’t wait to see it with the marble in place! I have a question – why essentially 2 kitchens? Does it qualify for a “commercial” kitchen space? Do you have a second refrigerator? And the paneer intrigues me – never had it, want to make some now.

    Good luck on getting it finished up quickly!

    • sabjimata

      Hi Denise–
      Thanks for the kitchen compliments. I am definitely in love and feeling spoiled! Unfortunately, Florida is very strict about commercial kitchen certification. We lived in PA a few years back and it was not difficult to get a home kitchen certified. Florida, on the other hand, is very small business unfriendly and requires a completely separate space from home use. So, no, it doesn’t qualify as a commercial space.

      The layout is a galley and, although we made the kitchen longer and did move some structural walls, we did stick with the same basic footprint. There was a countertop extending out towards the dining room side previously, so I chose to better utilize that space with cabinets. I have a lot of cooking stuff, so more storage was important for the remodel.

      Since it is a narrow galley, I chose to place the dish sink and dw on the other side of the island, creating a separate clean up space and minimizing the kids’ trips into the kitchen proper to wash hands and get a glass of water.

      I do have a second fridge off the kitchen in the laundry room, a well as a chest freezer.

      Thanks so much for stopping by my little patch of internet space. Hope all is well.

  2. Wow. Wow. Wow. Your kitchen is huuuuuuge! I’m lusting after all that space. And it’s almost done! Sorry about the nausea, hornet, other yucks. Now I want to try the Bittman artichokes. I keep finding all these great recipes I want to try, but can’t til kitchen is done.

    • sabjimata

      Technically, it’s medium. Bookmark those recipes! You’ll be cooking in your new kitchen before the summer is through.

  3. Samios

    You are on PlanetISKCON again?

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