Home Stretch

Just a few more weeks until all is done! The counter tops were templated Monday so we are just waiting on turn around from that job so the backsplash can go up. There is quite a bit of finish work that needs to be done before we can call the job complete, but happily I am back in the kitchen cooking, using my new Fivestar ranges.

Yes, I love them. BTU output: 21,000. Crazy good. Yesterday I pan fried tofu in literally two minutes flat. Okay. Not literally. I didn’t time it. And I made rice pudding in less than a half hour. My body and my baby are happy to have some rich sweets coming their way!

Here is the first food pic taken in our new kitchen. Enjoy!

Rice Pudding with Madagascar Vanilla Bean & Fresh Blueberries



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6 responses to “Home Stretch

  1. PICTURES!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot believe you are cooking in your kithen already. Lucky girl!! We got a call that our range isn’t even in so it’s probably a good thing cabinets are a good week away and floors even further away than that.

    Our bbq just ran out of propane yesterday…that is a lot of cooking on the grill and I CANNOT wait to cook on a real stove again. Hey, how about you come on up to Canada to give me a cooking lesson?? I’ve never cooked with gas so it could be very interesting to say the least.

    Hope you and baby are doing great!

    • sabjimata

      well…we are hungry! so, you want a vegetarian cooking lesson? how would your husband feel about that 😉

      you should check out gena’s blog…she is getting apple green cabs. you two are kindred spirits!

      thanks for the well wishes and i hope your kitchen gets a move on.

  2. That is fantastic!!! And the rice pudding looks divine. Congratulations on having a functional kitchen again. I hope my renovation goes as smoothly as yours.

    (I have to admit to a twinge of btu-envy. My Aga will be pretty, but it doesn’t have that kind of firepower.)

  3. a nice photo and article!!! can I blog it?

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