Just read an online article about charred veggies and carcinogens. Want to know if blackened plant products will kill you the same as blackened meat? Click here for the good news!



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2 responses to “Yaar!

  1. Brooke

    We’re at the dude ranch — it’s great! And my Little Angel is four years-old. I want to cry I am so proud.

    Okay, so that’s one thing in which I take GREAT pleasure in reminding my murdering (read: carnivore) friends: at least when they cut me open all my body fat will be that gorgeous, clean and healthy white only we vegetarians can have! (carnivores’ body fat is putrid yellow) Granted, I have plenty of fat for them to examine (as we say in Japanese: shouganai — it cannot be helped), but at least none of it is sullied with anything from another life. What do they say in the movies: “no animal was harmed in the filming of this movie”? No animal was harmed in the life of my body.

    Charred veggies my ass.

  2. Wanted to thank you for commenting on the Timeless Modern Bath. It is gorgeous – two would be nice! He said the tub holds the heat so well, and it’s soft to the touch. Said it’s “womb” like. Sounds good to me!


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