Cabinets! Sinks!

Belvedere Soapstone 60" Custom Sink

Porcher London fireclay sink installed

Very exciting 100 degree days around here. I haven’t thrown up since Wednesday! I am 10 weeks on Monday! Cabinets installation completed today! Ranges unveiled/unboxed! Sinks installed and look hot!

Here are some pics I took on the computer cam. Not such great quality but they at least help me get a post off.

Monday marble will be templated! Home stretch coming up!



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10 responses to “Cabinets! Sinks!

  1. Cabinets installed? Sinks installed? OMG!!! That is crazyness. We’re still waiting over here for ours to be done let alone installed. Last I heard they are being sprayed.

    Your sinks are amazing. So jealous of the apron front……that is STUNNING!!!

    So happy you are a couple days free of throwing up! But that heat? Yikesa!

    • sabjimata

      The heat is crazy! Usually, it is my thing but I feel so much hotter now that I am pregnant so it is pretty unbearable. O Canada!

      The sinks are great….the guys did a wonderful job scribing the cabinet for the fireclay sink.

      Hope your cabinets come soon. Can’t wait to see that green island.

  2. I’ve been waiting to see that soapstone sink and it certainly doesn’t disappoint! So handy with a new baby too though it looks big enough for all the kids. My Mom would have loved your sink. She loved large. Feel well! Jane F.

  3. Just look at that fabulous soapstone sink! Wowza! Things are coming along so quickly for you. Hope everything continues smoothly, and that you continue to feel well!


    • Thanks, Gena. Unfortunately, I left the house today to do some stuff with the kids and when we got back, noticed that all the hardware was installed crooked/off center. Not. Happy. Here is my number one reno tip: Do not leave the premises!

  4. Fivestar curious

    When you get your ranges installed can you give a review of the Fivestar quality.

    • sabjimata

      Jonathan, they are in and we are using them for the past week now. Have not ventured forth to using the oven yet. The burners are outrageously powerful…love the BTU output. The ovens are MUCH SMALLER than I expected. There are three racks with four positions. Duh. Need five positions for all the racks to be useable at once, other than cookie baking. I was very disappointed at first but that only lasted a few hours. I think, in the end, it will be very good (smaller oven capacity) for keeping an even temp. The oven elements are exposed so that, along with the convection fan, makes the inside space smaller but still, it is not like it is crazy small. Just not crazy big. I have read stuff about Fivestar quality sucking. I don’t see it. I love love love the ranges. GREAT prices. SERIOUS product. It may not look as slick as a Viking (I think it looks great, to be honest, but my husband thinks it looks less slick) but it is all business. And with no digital parts, any appliance repair person can fix it.

  5. Jonathan

    Thanks! Do you happen to have the grill/griddle option. I’m really curious as to how the grill works.

    I’ve been doing a lot of research and I think Fivestar has everything I want but the forums are filled with different opinions. Some love it, some hate it. But, all those that hate it don’t actually own it. So, I think some of it might be Wolf/Viking snobbery. The grill on the Wolf does look impressive but the clean-up seems quite daunting. I’d hate to spend a fortune on the range and then not want to use all of it because of clean-up.

    As for small ovens. We have an old Miele now and nothing can be smaller than that. Since we’ve moved in, I’ve never been able to use my good roasting pan (or even some of our cookie trays) because it won’t fit in the oven!

    • sabjimata

      Hey, Jonathan.

      I do think there is a lot of Wolf/Viking(/Bluestar) snobbery out there! You can barely find any references to Fivestar on the GW kitchen and appliances forum. I read one positive comment about Fivestar on Chowhound and it was enough to sell me on it.

      I have all burners, so I can’t say anything about the grill/griddle options.

      The oven fits all my trays that I used in my Kenmore Elite. Just won’t fit professional size trays, but not many pro-style ranges do. My only disappointment is that I will only by able to bake 2 pizzas at a time (in one oven) and not 3 😉

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