Update: Total Apathy

My inbox is backed up, my camera is full of kitchen pics and I am totally horizontal in bed with pregnancy nausea. Kitchen is going on. Cabinets here but won’t be installed until late next week/beginning of the following week. Painting today. Floors soon. I haven’t been over to the other side of the house in a while. I just don’t care anymore. Sorry if I am not a good blogger/friend/Facebooker and don’t get back to you right away. Or within the next few weeks. XOXOX



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6 responses to “Update: Total Apathy

  1. Brooke

    Sometimes being a good friend is letting others take care of YOU. From the gorgeous rocky mountains we send you tight squeezes and sloppy kisses, and gyoza when you’re ready.

    (from my Big Angel for your Dreamsicle):
    How is your life in florida. I am going to first grade too. Dux said you are also going to first grade. In first grade we get to have recess every day. That is awesome. I love recess. I also love playing cornhole with my parents. It is a bean bag game. Dux says you play the bongo drum. That is cool. I don’t have a sister. But I do have a brother. He likes to swing and play kiss tickle. I love Star Wars and Legos. Bye Vm. love S.

  2. Oh I remember those days! (Those pregnancy nausea days…not the kitchen reno days) Hope they pass swiftly. This is definitely not the time to be worrying about your cyber-presence. Focus on yourself, your family, and your kitchen!

  3. Take care of yourself girl! I might be feeling nausea sympathy for you soon. Our trim just got sprayed today with laquer and it’s still so strong in here that I will either end up high or sick. UGH.

  4. nitya

    d, don’t sweat it. we miss you but we know how pregnancy affects the body too. take care of yourself, girl! it’ll all be over before you know it and you’ll be trying to cook in your new gorgeous kitchen with a screaming infant hanging onto like life depends on it. this will be like a bad dream 🙂 hugs n kisses dear.

  5. Deva, LOL. Wallow. We’ll be here when you feel better. Just didn’t want you to miss out on our glass vessel sink giveaway (ending tomorrow) and was surprised you hadn’t stopped by. Jane F

  6. thanks for all the love! hope to be back to blogging soon xo

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