Sheetrock Inspection Today @ 3:30

We are so ready to be done with this. And yet, we are only about half way.

Eating. This has been touch and go. Well, we eat daily, but what we put into our mouths can be kind of sketchy. Some days we keep it simple and unsatisfying. Ice cream, pretzels, yogurt, Primal Strips, blueberries. Some days we cook. Husband has been into making tofu and broccoli in broth with lots of herbs from our garden. My gourmet fare has mostly been pasta mixed with chunks of mozzarella, kalamata olives and grape tomatoes. Yesteday, I packed a salad for my husband’s lunch so I wanted to make up for that with his dinner.

My son would like me to make granola. He wants me to fry doughnuts. Croissants, fresh from the oven. My daughter wants lasagna. Pizza. Palak paneer. I would delight in cooking anything in a functional setting. Husband would like stuff that is not too oily, not too salty.

Which brings us to yesterday’s supper.

I had a vision.

The vision did not manifest.

All of our cooking takes place outside on a camp stove perched atop a card table. A card table with wobbly legs. One day while boiling pasta, the propane canister ran out. The sink set-up is on the other side of the house and the fridge is inside, relatively close to the camp stove.

I wanted to make fried potatoes, quinoa, breaded tofu and asparagus. And I did. Quinoa is well liked by the kids but not by the husband but nevertheless, it is rather super-foodish and we all need some nutrition right about now. The tofu breading did not fare well, the potatoes sogged after cooling, the quinoa was sticky and the asparagus, well, I think they were okay. My husband told me it was over ambitious for the facility but he really did appreciate the sentiment. I found the meal very satisfying but will be happier and healthier when I have more control over our family’s diet.

Today is sheetrock inspection (lot of inspections, no?). Hopefully the weekend will have some guys here mudding. Hit Sherwin Williams today and bought paint (Alabaster on ceiling, Steamed Milk on walls…yes, white and white). Very exhausted from laying in bed and being pregnant.

Hope everyone has a great Memorial Day Weekend. Rest up…cabinets will arrive Tuesday!



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2 responses to “Sheetrock Inspection Today @ 3:30

  1. madhava Pandit

    Twas another wonderful dinner (and next days lunch) from the unstoppable sabjimata!

  2. awww…my husband, my heart!

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