Yesterday was our mechanical inspection. Thanks to KD and Chris, we passed with flying colors. In the afternoon they got started on the windows. By the time the guys left in the evening, one window was installed. It was terrible.

KD wasn’t here; just Chris (who was back and forth to Lowe’s ordering stuff), Vrindy and Lotus. Because our house is concrete block and because it has done quite a bit of settling since 1962, the windows were totally not plumb. Like, not in the least. Parallelogram accurately describes the space. This presented challenges. Challenges that could only be met with a grinder.

In comparison to having our cinder block walls ground to level, the tear out of the walls was spic and span spotless. Concrete dust is a messy, messy airborne crapxin that I hope you never, ever have to inhale like our dear construction guys. Also, and I feel bad noting this but cannot help but do so since it is substantially ugh-inducing–our shoe rack (shoes included, inside and out) is absolutely coated in the dust.

Windows. I wanted aluminum mill finish. You know, industrial metal looking, much like we had before, but not crappy jalousie crap crap. When price engineering the windows, we opted for sliders. In plain English: cheaper than single hung. There is a single hung or two where the opening is too narrow to accommodate a slider.

The sad thing about it, and this is sad only in the scope of my kitchen remodel, definitely not in a Haitian earthquake we have real troubles over here kind of way, but the sad thing about it nevertheless is that the sliders have hideous black weatherstripping on the outside that is not as prominent on the single hungs. Live and learn, live and learn.

Our huge triple light window was ordered with obscured glass because I don’t want to sit in our new dining room and gaze out at our dilapidated shed. No, I don’t. Admittedly, it looks a little odd, but it allows light to come in and curtains will surely dress it up a bit.

After the guys got the dining room and kitchen windows in, they started sheetrocking the ceiling. It is unknown when they will do the windows in the rest of the house, but I am actually not so eager to engage with the dust.

Cabinets. They are somewhere waiting to be delivered but we are not ready to receive them yet. The cabinets must be okayed for delivery on a Thursday in order to be delivered on a Tuesday. And they are only delivered on Tuesdays! Space won’t be ready for them this Tuesday. First the sheetrock needs to go in, then the mudding, then paint then floor.



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