What Time Is It?

Ho hum. Unfortunately, it is time to get ill. Two weeks ahead of schedule from my other pregnancies, this baby is giving me full on sickness at 7 weeks. Only 7 more to go and I should be feeling much better! I am now down to my pre-pregnancy weight. Overnight. Good bye extra poundage, hello again hip bones! I would rather be a little bit rounder and healthier feeling than experiencing thinness at the cost of physically feeling my stomach flip flop inside me.

But, let’s move on to my other baby–the one that will reach full gestational age in (hopefully) no more than 4 weeks. That’s right, my kitchen.

We have three vintage plug in clocks that have inspired comments that we should have a name of a different city under each. I also thought that but didn’t dare share my silliness with anyone. Usually the cities suggested are Vrindavan, Mayapur and Jagannatha Puri. That should tell you something about the crowd I run with.

I found a very cheap place online that does simple placards and am going to look into it today. From the online mock-up, I need to call and ask if they size the font to fit the placard or if the type will look rinky dink as it did onscreen.

My cities?

Give you three guesses…


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