My Big Sink Reveal!

Finally, my sink has arrived! We didn’t even get a warning call, the ABF driver just showed up. From Hackensack to South Bend to Alachua, this soapstone sink made it here in one piece. Whew.

ABF Delivery. The funny thing is, this man recalls being the driver for our stuff when we moved, almost 2 years ago, down from PA.

The packing slip listed the crated sink at 700 lbs.



Chris, “It’s like an ancient Egyptian artifact.” LOL! That pretty much captures the buzz of excitement we all felt moving/unveiling this tomb.

Chris doing the honors.

I was a little nervous about actually seeing the sink since I was not too familiar with the appearance of Belvedere. It is the hardest soapstone out there, due, I guess, to a significantly lower talc content than traditional soapstones like Santa Rita. Did I mention how much I loved the soft gray of the Barocca soapstone? I did, a few posts back. Well, I knew Belvedere would not have much in common, appearance-wise, with Barocca, so I held my breath as it was uncrated….

Removing the packing materials.

Ahhhh. Not bad. Not bad at all. It will go nicely with the marble tops and white cabs. The gray is considerably darker but I didn’t sense any of the green tones that become apparent when oiled. It will be interesting to see how the color of the interior of the sink changes as it is used. The outside apron should remain gray and white marshmallow swirled.

The Big Sink Reveal.

Soapstone sink, epoxied seam.

Okay. I know everyone interested in stone, be it marble or soapstone or granite, is obsessed with seams. Seams don’t bother me. With our Cobra Soapstone countertops, the seams were imperceptibly noticeable since, once oiled, the tops were black and the epoxy was black. Here, I think the seam lines are very slight and will be covered by the countertop overhang anywho.

I am loving all the mottled white in the Belvedere soapstone.

Bowl divider.

The sink doesn’t look that incredibly big to me. I mean, when I was making plans for 60″ of sink, it was met with some very negative reactions by some people. Weird, huh, considering I wasn’t installing it in their kitchen. Sixty inches looks like a great size to me and I love the double bowl design, by yours truly, of course.

Upon opening the crate I was a bit disappointed by the sink depth, designed again by yours truly. I specified 9 and 3/4 inches as the depth and that is what I got (with an interior measure of 8.5″ deep). But stretched out over 60″, it just didn’t look substantial to me. I think the outside apron will look good, though. Our last sink was so damn deep (11″) and I loved it although I know Babu didn’t and I wanted to take that into consideration when designing this sink.

I referenced the Porcher London–our dish sink that we had in our old kitch and purchased again, this time 30″ wide, for the new one. That’s where I stole the sink depth measurements from. So although it looks a bit petite to me now, I am confident it will feel good upon install. The faucets will be mounted 8″ above countertop height, so there should be plenty of room for serious pot scrubbing.

Alright. I am definitely up past my nap time. ZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzXOXOX.



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5 responses to “My Big Sink Reveal!

  1. Whew! I can rest easy now that your baby made it safe! It’s amazing…..and I knew it would be. Petite? Oh no that is so not petite. I could almost lay in it. Don’t worry….I won’t.

  2. Wow that is an incredible sink!

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